Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas in Phoenix

We went to Phoenix, AZ for Christmas because we have alot of family in AZ. We went early so we could set up my grandmother's(Gram) house for a Christmas party. We hauled our trailer over and stayed at a trailer park.

We did an agility trial(Jumping Chollas Special Skills NADAC) while we were threre. Both Sirius and Blue did really well. I had video but the disc got corrupted. There weren't any course maps either, so I drew the ones I remembered.

On Saturday Sirius Qd 6/6 runs! We moved her back to novice in everything. She completed her WV-N which finished her Novice Versatility! She also got her O-TG-N and O-TN-N.

Blue blew me off the first 2 rounds(Tunnelers). After she blew me off the second time I didn't treat her and put her right in the ex-pen. She was pretty good the rest of the day and Qd 2 rounds of Weavers and one round of Touch n Go. On one round of Weavers and one Touch n Go we tried the bonus and got pretty far and I was able to save the runs after she messed up. On the last Touch n Go, she ran off the A-frame and it messed up the run. I stuck her right in the ex-pen after that.

This is the Touch n Go we tried the line on. Blue was perfect up until she was heading towards #9. She stopped and turned around right before the a-fame.

On Sunday Siri only Qd 3/6 runs.

Blue got super close to 2 bonuses. One in Weavers and one in TnG. She got to the second to last obstacle and ran past it on both runs! I called her a little to hard in TnG and I don't know what happened in Weavers. There were 2 Tunnelers lines. One was hard and on the other Blue got to the 3rd or 4th to the last obstacle. Blue did not Q any Tunnelers all weekend but Qd all Weavers(S-WV-E yay!), and 2 TnGs.

Touch n Go round 2

Touch n Go round 1
NQ(over time)
I called Blue too hard and she ran past the dogwalk.

Weavers round 2
Blue was doing awsome on the bonus and then she ran past the #13 tunnel!

Tunnelers round 2
NQ(off course)

Blue came right in after # 3, lol. We tried again and she got it the second time. Then she ran past #6 and went to the correct end of #7. She got through #9 and then stopped. She would not go on so we left.

Here's some pics I took at the trial. Just started playing photographer at the last trial I was at. I'm not very good.

I can't remember what day it was, but my mom dropped my brother and me off at the Wildlife World Zoo. It had started raining by the end of our adventure.

New Guinea Singing Dog

These parrots were very animated, especially the orange and green one.


Another Singing Dog
Saddle-billed Stork
Grey Plantain-eater?

Now for one of my personal favorites, the African Wild Dogs.

Their fur is so pretty

and thier ears are so big Addax

Now for some pics of Blue and Truly!


We had to put the x-pen up because Gram doesn't have a fence.


Truly with a Christmas bow.

Gram lives on a golf course. Some clouds

The Christmas party was fun. All the family came over for Christmas lunch. Everyone was talking and laughing and having a good time. We had this party at Gram's so that she could have a nice Christmas. She can't stop thanking my mom and dad for all they did and saying what a great time she had.


  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing them with us!! We love the last one of the dog in the chute. One of yours?

    Josh and Jessie

  2. Thanks for the comment. The dogs in the agility photos are not mine.

    Rebecca, Blue and Truly