Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Meet Blue

Blue is my 7 year old sheltie. She loves everyone and thinks that they are her best friend. She is practicaly perfect. She has a perfect temperment, perfect drive, perfect teeth(except for the 2 she broke and had to have pulled), perfect pitch of her bark(not too yappy), perfect size, perfect get the picture.

She is my first agility dog, and I couldn't have gotten luckier. Together, we have achieved the NATCH and gone to the NADAC Championships three times. The first two years we went to Champs, we won the Jr. Handler division, despite being the shortest dog in the class. This last year we place third. Due to Blue's practicaly perfectness she has only missed 5 contacts in her four year career(2 DWs, 1 AF, 2 T).

Last year Blue was injured. We found out Blue had a itty bitty bone spur in her hock. The tendon had gotten inflamed and was rubbing on the bone spur causing Blue to occasinally limp. This was most likely cause by playing ball. She wasn't allowed to do anything for four months. After a series of Adequan injections, she is now back kicking but in agility. The bone spur will never go away so she is not allowed to play ball and frisbee like she use to.

You can read the interesting story of how we got Blue on Blue's Dogster page. It's like a total God thing.

For alot of videos go to our YouTube channel. There are mostly agility videos, but there are some videos of Blue just being Blue.

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