Wednesday, October 7, 2009

ACSD NADAC 10/3-4/2009

Woot, NADAC trial!

Both doggies did great! Truly Qd and placed 1st in all three of her runs. She also earned her O-TN-N. That month of weaves really paid off.

Blue Qd 10/12 runs, with 6/6 Qs on Saturday. We tried a 20 pt bonus in Chances and a 15 in Jumpers on Sunday. We got neither. Chances was so close, just a slight bobble cost us. She did make 5.33 yps in Reg. on Sunday. Hopefully another 100+dri. She got one in August. That means 6 more to go for a PSS and only 2 Chances for NATCH-4.

Sirius only ran on Sunday because my mom is taking a class on Saturday. She Qd in one Reg., Chances and Tunnelers. She earned her OAC with this run! Only her second trial in Open since she got her Novice Superiors.

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