Monday, February 1, 2010

UDAC NADAC Jan. 30-31, 2010

I remember writing about this trial last year. Blue got like, one or two Qs, I think, lol. That was trials were we were just out of it for the most part. One more trial after that and we got back in sync somewhat. Sirius was also moved back to Novice, and started Qing more. I think that was the first time I put a trial vid all of Siri and my mom up.

Now to this year's trial.

All the dogs did pretty well Saturday. Blue Qd 3/4 runs. She had some smokin' Regular runs. One was 5.47 yps and the other 5.51 yps. I hope those end up 100+ DRI runs. We will know in a couple of weeks if the new software they were talking about on the NADAC group is up. Truly did good and got one Q in Jumpers. She's still green and I'm still not completely used to her so there were mistakes made by both of us. Sirus had an amazing Regular run and Qd that. She was pretty awesome all day(excluding her first run, lol). The only bad thing that happened on Saturday was that Blue got hurt during her last run. She started to slow down and limp. We looked at the vid and could see where she most likely hurt herself. Her right front buckled under her in between two jumps. I really don't think it's anything serious, but to be safe she was scratched from Sunday's runs.

Ditto everything I said about Saturday for Sunday except results. Truly Qd 2/3 runs, a Jumper and a Regular. Sirius Qd nothing, but was pretty up most of the time on her runs.

I was soo glad to be back doing NADAC after not trialing in it for a month, lol. I was having NADAC withdrawal. We have two weekends in a row coming up in February, one of the reasons I didn't want to risk Blue running on Sunday. Oh, have I mentioned yet that my mom is gonna try to qualify Sirius for NADAC Champs? Well, she is. She's got the life time points and just has to get the requirements for the year.

On a non dog related note-Echo has been letting me pet her some more. Cats are silly. She really likes being pet, but doesn't want you to reach at her, haha.


  1. Nice runs. Ive never seen those hoop things before. I hope everything is ok with Blue. Diana

  2. Thanks for your concern. Blue seems to be doing fine now. I have not seen her limp at all since Saturday night. Oh, and hoops are an exclusively NADAC obstacle. They've been added to all classes except Jumpers and Tunnelers for a couple of years now.