Tuesday, April 20, 2010

MAC NADAC April 17-18, 2010

The crew did pretty well this last weekend. It got fairly warm and humid in the afternoon, so not the best weather for Sirius and Tru. All I really cared about this weekend was doing bonus lines and that is what Blue and I did. I didn't really care how Tru did Q wise because I was so focused on the bonus line work with Blue.

Blue got 4/10 Qs. Two Hoopers, one Weavers and a 15 point Tunnelers! Yes, we got one bonus run! Yay! It was the last run of the weekend too. Her second Hoopers run was the fastest out of all dogs, nearly 4 seconds faster than the next fastest time. She also had a smoking Weavers Q, where she was a bit faster than the dog that normally beats her in the special skills classes. That Weavers Q completed her Vers-NATCH-3 Weavers requirements. We still need one more Tunnelers Q for that.

This weekend, we added some more to our list of things to work on. I think I need to teach a command that means "come in towards where I am." "Here" wasn't quite cutting it, even though my timing on the verbal was good. I am thinking of using "come." We also need to work on turning away from things that are right in front of Blue's face to something she can't see right away. This mostly applies to tunnels though.

Truly got 5/10 Qs, with most of the NQs being Es for me going over and touching her. She was soo hyper on some of her runs and distracted on others, while still having other awesome runs. Her contacts were not excellent like they were at the last trial. She still needs more practice. She had some super wimpy! Tru runs. On both Weavers she tried to pull her "It's too sunny and hot" act. You can sort of see the first one on video. She decided to stand inside a tunnel because it was shady. She was also kind of distracted that run as well. Her second try was trotting off the start line to go see Sirius and my mom while I was handing her leash to the least runner. She's all "No Becca, I'm going over here in the shade with Siri." I'm all, "Haha, no. You are coming out here and running the course. With distance because we've been Ed." Speaking of distance, I made up some "baby bonus lines" to do with her and she did really good, Qing both the runs I did that on. Tru needs to work on sending ahead straight aka "go on."

Oh, I forgot Tru's title brags. She got her S-HP-N! Now I will mover her up to Open Hoopers. She also got both of her Open Tunnelers runs, so she could potentially get her TN-O at the next trial.

Sirius was Sirius. She got 4 Qs, one in TnG, one in Weavers and two in Hoopers. Those Hoopers Qs are her first ever and she has been running NADAC since before they introduced Hoopers. Sirius gets to run Open Weavers now because she finished her S-WV-N with that Weavers Q.

The next trial is next weekend. Hopefully we can get out to work some stuff. I should work Blue's "come" work in the back yard. I hope we can get some 20 point bonuses at the next trial. Maybe if there is no bonus on Tunnelers, we could get Blue's Vers-NACH-3.


  1. I cant believe your dogs can work so far away from you like that. Thats awesome. Congrats on your weekend! Diana