Thursday, April 1, 2010

WAG NADAC Trial March 27-28, 2010

The trial in Elk Grove was a blast! We loved the trial grounds and seeing friends we don't often see. We got to watch Truly's brother run, and his owner get a NATCH on another one of her dogs. We also got to see Susan and Fritz run. I wanted to get some pics of Blue and Fritz together, but never got to doing it.

Tru and Aiden say hello from WAG!

Blue was a good girl. She Qd 7/12 runs and was very speedy and happy. She had been acting a little off since after those trials in February, like I would practice and we would mess up and she would freak out. She had been very itchy (I don't know if I ever mentioned this), and was sleep deprived, I think. She was just itch, itch, itch all the time. We gave her some Benadryl and after she stopped itching she really started to perk back up. She also went to the chiropractor to get adjusted as well.

Now onto the runs. She was super cute when we would mess up a couple of time. Particularly in TnG and Weavers. In Weavers she totally seems like she was mocking/mimicking me. My parents were laughing as I came over and they told me that. We may have gotten one 100+ DRI Regular, but I can't be sure.

We didn't get any bonus Qs and there were only 4 opportunities the whole weekend, and we tried three of them. A really good bonus line handler told us that she thinks the courses have gotten way harder to do from the line. Not really good news to hear, but she also said that if there aren't enough people qualified for SS(like last year), Sharon will have to let people in (that she knows can do bonuses of course). My timing is still what is holding us back. It's really hard to get everything coordinated right, verbals, body motion, signals, and position, looking where you want them to go, etc.

Oh, and Blue now has 6 NATCHs in Jumpers and 5 in Regular. Only 4 more Chances for her NATCH-5 now, haha.

Now Truly was a little star. She came out of this trial with 11/12 possible Qs and 4 new titles. She got her S-TN-N, O-NAC, O-NCC and TG-N! That last one completes her Novice Versatility! The only title she could have gotten that she didn't was her S-NJC. Oh, well, next time. She gets to enter her first Open class at the next trial, Tunnelers.

She had some really nice runs, and others weren't as smooth. She only had one small bobble on most of the courses. She had some weaving issues in a couple of runs, either running by or popping out. Her contacts were very good though, right to the bottom and stopped on all but one. She keeps getting faster and faster and her distance was great as usual.

Sirius was Sirius for most of the weekend. Her first two runs were crazy fast for her, but she tapered off after that. She Qd 4/12 runs, 4/6 on Sunday. She got her O-OJC and completed the Regular requirements for Champs. We'll see where the Champs thing goes as she still needs 2 TnGs, 1 Nov. Weavers and 2 Open, and her Nov. Hoopers title + 2 Open Qs before August. Sirius has never Qd Hoopers. Ever. I hope my mom can turn that around.

Here are some fun videos from the trial of other dogs we know.

First is a video of Fritz and Mini-Fritz(Blue) running the same course. I think you can see why Blue got the nickname at her first Champs in 2006.

Here's a vid of Tru's brother Aiden running. He will kick some major butt when he gets some more control. They are still babies at only 2 years. His owner is envious of Tru's control while I envy Aiden's speed, lol. Opposite siblings are fun.

Here's a small amount of photos. There are some of Tru and Aiden and some from our walk around the capital building on Monday. We stayed an extra day to look around.

We have a couple of trials planned for the next month or so. The trial in Lake View Terrace is a games trial. Hopefully there will be a lot of lines to try. Blue could also get her third Vers-NATCH if we Q in a Weavers and 2 Tunnelers. Tru could get her O-TG-N, O-WV-N and S-HP-N. Then there is another trial at the beginning of May that we are definitely going to as my mom is working hospitality and I am doing awards. It's a "normal" NADAC trial.

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