Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ACSD NADAC May 1-2, 2010

We had a pretty awesome weekend at the ACSD NADAC trial. I'll just get the big news out right away. Blue got a 15 pt bonus on Jumpers and a 20 in Chances, while TRULY GOT A 15 pt BONUS in Nov. Jumpers! I can't believe little wimpy Tru got a bonus and it was a very pretty run too.

Now for some details. Blue Qd 8/10 runs and finished her Vers-NATCH 3! There was a bonus on Tunnelers, but we actually ran Sunday's courses at Elk Grove in March, so I knew not to even think about trying that one. We haven't been practicing turning away from tunnels while coming out of a tunnel. Unfortunately, my mom did not film that run.

It was nice to start the weekend off with a bonus Q. We actually tried some 15 pt lines in Regular, because we were then 3/4 of the way to qualifying for PreSuperStakes(now known as SilverStakes). I figured there was no reason not to try and just get qualified for that so we could actually be in some sort of distance class at Champs. I waited a tiny bit to long to call "here" on that first Reg. bonus try, otherwise we could have gotten that course easily. Bad handler.

The next day starts of even better for Blue. We nail a 20 pt line that we did not get in Elk Grove. That qualified her for SilverStakes, while giving us a Q towards SuperStakes! Only 4 more 20 pointers to go. That's Blue's first 20 since the end of May 2009. That extra 10 points also puts her one Chances run away from NATCH 5. I don't think either of her Regulars will be 100+ DRI runs as she only hit just over 5 yps on both runs. They were some nice runs though. Jumpers was bleh on Sunday, Blue and I were out of it, lol. Blue had been having squirty poop for the last couple of days and was up the previous two nights.

I already let you guys know Truly's really big brag, that run also finished her S-NJC. I am still going to leave her in Novice for a while because I would like to try some more Novice Jumpers lines before moving up. My plan at the moment is to move her up in classes where the course doesn't change for all levels (Chances, TnG, Tunnelers, Weavers, Hoopers) after her Superiors, but hold her back longer for the others (Reg. and Jumpers). I tried some other Novice lines in Regular. I had to go get her or she messed up towards the beginning in both of those, so I ended up running with her or practicing. She got a normal Q on one run and a E on the other.

Her Chances was hilarious. I was trying the beginning sequence from far away to "practice" for the Regular bonus. She came in and thank goodness for her "wait" command. I got her to stop half way over the line and backed her up. As she was backing up, she picked up the tape in her mouth for a sec. I was wondering the rest of the run if the judge had "E"d us, and we still got the Q. Tru also had an awesome TnG, the fastest time in Novice and a Q.

Sunday went great as well. She only "E"d one run, because I went over and touched her after she started to pull a wimp act. "Oh, my, I'll just melt in the sun, it's just too hot to run." "I'm going to go find some shade." Um, no, Truly, you are running the rest of the course. I found it amusing that they thought I needed the leash. I didn't say "thank you" or anything to the judge. I only realized he was coming over as I was about to take off. All her other runs were really great, with some nice distance work thrown in. She was just on with the distance this weekend. She got another Chances Q, a Regular and a Jumpers. She also Qd in Open Tunnelers, finishing her TN-O, her first Open title.

I was very happy with her speed and attitude. Her contacts were pretty good, after last trial's stand above the bottom then walk off.

Sirius Qd 3 runs. She got a Chances Q, a TnG Q and a Regular Q. Otherwise she was overtime or went off course or "E"d for training. My mom may take a trialing break with Sirius. I think she should at least try for the classes she needs for Champs, but otherwise we would just be working on motivation. Siri only needs two more Chances Qs for her S-OCC and then she could move to her first Elite class. She also finished up her TnG Champs requirements.

Hopefully we will get to our usual Memorial Day weekend NADAC trial. It's actually a little iffy on the entering front this year. *cough* daddoesn'treallywanttodrivethetrailerup *cough* Tru could finish up her S-NCC and move to Open Chances and Blue could get her NATCH-5. Blue and I might be able to hitch a ride with a friend to another trial in June. My parents are going away that weekend, so I would be on my own. Well, with a friend. Then there is one more in July somewhere in SoCal or maybe we could hit up one in AZ. Those are our last chances to get qualified for SS. Hopefully we wont have to try for all of those and I could magically guide Blue to four 20 pt bonuses at the Memorial Day trial, lol.


  1. Congrats on the VersNATCh3!! When will Blue stop rockin' it? You two just keep on racking up those titles.

    Haha Truly! She would love running here. Well, in the spring and fall, at least. Nice and cool.

  2. Thanks! I hope Blue doesn't stop rockin' it for a long time. She has too much fun.

    I have totally thought that Tru would like it where you are. I have also though maybe she should have lived somewhere they trial indoors most of the time, haha.