Monday, June 21, 2010

2010 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regional

As you might have seen in my my last Wordless Wednesday post (or read the twitter feed on the side of my blog), Blue and I competed at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Western Regional.

All I can say is that we had an incredibly fun time at the event. Blue liked that she got to play agility and it was tons of fun to hang out with people I trial with, some acquaintances, and a new face or two. There were a bunch of NADAC competitors running at the event. Almost the whole large dog division was comprised of handlers that run NADAC. The small dog group was about half NADAC competitors. The judge was also a NADAC judge.

I guess I'll talk about our runs a bit. I believe Blue was the only dog to run all the rounds clean, including the two practice runs. I ran it two ways both times and the second round that I handled mostly from the center ran faster both days.

Here's video of our practice runs. I think the music on the first one is amusing as I had just used that song on our most recent trial vid.

Here's a music video I did of all the NADAC people (at least the ones my mom knew were ran NADAC and bothered to film). Yes, there are results shown, so spoiler alert for those that want to wait until it airs! The schedule for when it will be on TV is here.

Yes, Blue and I won the small dog division! How awesome is that! We get to go to St. Louis, for the Championship in Oct. The only issue I am having is how to schedule school with NADAC Champs one weekend and then the PIDC the next weekend.

So that was our "incredible" experience. Be sure to look out for us on TV in the coming months!

In non-PIDC news, I have a NADAC trial this coming weekend with Blue only and in July I am running both dogs in an AKC trial.


  1. OMG - we always watch the Incredible dogs competitions on TV and now we're going to see you! Congratulations - it's totally awesome that you and Blue won the small dog division!

  2. That's awesome. I wouldnt have been screaming that fromt he roof tops. LOL. Congrats!! Diana

  3. Blue is AMAZING! GOod JOb!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks guys! I'm so weird and wanted the video I made in the post and it was impossible to find certain photos I didn't have things of, but wanted in the video.

  5. Everybody must have been impressed by your distance skills! Awesome!