Sunday, July 11, 2010

ACSD AKC July 10-11, 2010

Well, we actually had a great time at the AKC trial this weekend! Blue came home with 3/4 Qs and Truly got 4/4! Can you believe those results for our first AKC trial in about seven months? Blue did one day of USDAA and otherwise all we have done this year is NADAC!

Blue had some great runs and QQd on Saturday. She placed 1st in Standard. That was the first time she placed 1st in Ex. B ever and she's been in Ex. B for three years. She got 2nd on a nice Jumpers run. She was only .08 seconds behind the 1st place time.

Truly Qd both her runs. She had the fastest time out of all the Novice dogs in JWW.

Sunday went just as well. Even though Blue didn't Q in STD, she was great! Since I didn't care if she Qd or not, I planned to practice distance on that run. The course worked for an imaginary line and I went for it. I'm impressed with how far she got clean! I think she could have made the whole course clean if she could stay on the table at a trial, haha. I also forgot the four paw rule and got whistled off. I forgot for a second this was not a NADAC trial. She also had an awesome JWW run and got ANOTHER 1st place!

Truly did pretty well again. She Qd both runs and finished her NA and NAJ. She's only done three days of AKC and already has her Novice titles. I guess that might not be a big deal, but I've been told on a forum I'm on that dogs trained for NADAC don't need as many skills as dogs trained for AKC. I don't agree and that's part of the reason I entered Truly. Truly has only done three days of non-NADAC trials, not including this one and I mostly train her for NADAC type things.

Oh, and Truly does this adorable little hop out of the chute in Standard.

Both my dogs actually did pretty well this weekend. I have been told that I need to retrain Blue for AKC on one occasion. I do think the courses were pretty good for Blue and not "hard" like some courses. I've realize that the key for me on just about every course is I need to know how to handle it and sometimes I don't know how to communicate what I want to my dogs. That's the point where our run usually breaks down, especially on bonus lines. Oh, I should probably mention that Blue was back to normal this weekend (if you couldn't tell) and she was refusing to get in the ex-pen. :)

I've filled out entry forms for two AKC trials towards the end of the month/beginning of next month. Truly will probably do one day and Blue will just run in JWW both days. There's also a pretty close NADAC that we will be doing in August. Then I think Champs is the next event. Oh, my.

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