Thursday, July 1, 2010

Practice 6/30/2010

I used a course found here. It focused on front crosses and looked like a fun little exercise. I did the final front in the "wrong" spot, but it just felt right to do it that way and it was a front cross, so no harm done, lol. My dogs could get that distance wanted in that post anyways.

Oh, and my parents won a new HD camera in a silent auction so I think I'm going to be trying that out at the field next time we go so watch out for more practice vids. I'll get the post about our last trial up soon too.


  1. I liked that little course too...only I practiced it with all rear crosses instead. So I guess I failed at Bud's question of "can you front cross?" ;)

  2. Haha, I guess. Though I did it "bonus line" style as well, so I wasn't doing only fronts. It seems like a nice course for practicing a lot of things.