Monday, July 19, 2010

Practice 7/19/10

Yay for some practice at the park!

This was a Masters/PIII USDAA gamble that I had the map for, but had not run. Yes, I just take course maps from trials I visit/work but don't run.

I'll just repost what I wrote on Youtube. " The line for it (the gamble) basically ran along the yellow hoop. It was interesting how Blue and Truly didn't want to switch away the first time. I'm not sure how I would have run this at a trial. I think the way the first two obstacles were handled depended on where you came from, but I think the second way I did it with Blue would have been a more sure shot for a first try."

I'm trying to figure out what to work for Super/SilverStakes. I'm thinking about reviewing "Go On" on a long line of jumps, even though we don't have to do Jumpers this year. We've had issues going on all the way on a long straight send that we have to switch away after. If anyone can think of anything else to do, post a suggestion in the comments.

PS-Comic-Con is this week!!!!

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