Sunday, July 4, 2010

Yes, Another Video!

Happy Independence Day!

Here's a video I took of a not too new trick of Blue's. I actually captured this behavior while trying to teach her to put her toys in a basket (a trick I just cannot seem to teach my dogs, haha). I really need some interesting and new tricks to teach my dogs. Truly hasn't been taught a new trick in what seems like for ever.

I think I've figured out what settings and what computer I have to use for the new videos. I will most likely be editing the videos with my iMac, while storing the files on an external HD that works with my laptop that runs Windows. The "real" files that I can get onto my laptop are a whole lot smaller than the files that are imported through iMovie. For example 343 MB on my laptop (and the camera) as opposed to 13.47 GB on my Mac! I figured out a way that I can transfer the files incase I needed to get them back onto my Mac for some reason.

AKC trial this weekend! I can't believe I am actually sort of excited. Maybe it's because I get to run Truly too. Maybe the thought that Blue could finish her MX helps also. We'll probably get some more practice at 16" in this week for both dogs.

Also, my summer class ends this week and Comic Con is this month! It'll be my first time going to that. I was excited to see that the "Chuck" panel is scheduled for Saturday which is one of the days I will be attending. I'm hoping to get the cast's autographs and drawing some portraits for them to sign.


  1. Super cute trick!!! Toss it is better than picking up your toys - that's one trick we can't learn here either! LOL!

  2. Thanks! Blue sure thinks that too. Later I had Truly, who seems to be figuring out the put the toys away trick, put her toys in the basket, when Blue comes in and starts taking them out and throwing them around, haha. I swear, I could come up with a good dog, bad dog routine for them.