Sunday, November 14, 2010

11/13-14/2010 AKC trial

Blue and Truly were entered in JWW at an AKC trial this weekend. The 'best' part was Blue finally finishing her MXJ! She finished it Saturday and got to do some distance practice on Sunday. I (teasingly) got called lazy. I now understand that the AKC mentality is if you can run with the dog you should or you're lazy (or it's not right, as I heard last trial). It's okay for crippled people to use distance, though. Not like distance work is way more complicated than running with the dog... Oh, and this was probably her last AKC trial. I figured I'd retire her from AKC after she finished her MX and MXJ, because I don't feel the need to put her in Preferred and start over, when I don't do much AKC anyway.

Truly had a nice run. I felt it was a lot smoother than her other Open JWW runs, even though she popped the weaves. It's funny because I could see her speed change 4 poles before she popped and could see it coming. She's always had a problem with trying to do things faster occasionally and then not knowing how to control herself at those speeds.

Oh, and I made $15 for drawing. I'm going to try to sell sketches again at the NADAC trial this weekend. Can't wait. I'm hoping Blue doing fairly well on the AKC course bodes well for some bonus lines.


  1. Congratulations on Blue's MXJ! Those were great runs! We have never done NADAC and haven't trained the distance stuff but we find it amazing how you can send your dogs out like you do - I don't think it's lazy at all!

  2. Beautiful runs!! I think your distance handling is cool and amazing. Sorry people have stupid comments, they are probably jealous. Congrats on your MXJ!! Diana

  3. Thanks you guys. Maybe I should revise my post to say "many that run AKC" think distance like Blue's isn't quite necessary. Maybe it isn't but I was mostly practicing for NADAC, which I don't think they knew. Lol, I know a lot of people use NADAC to practice for other venues, but I'm using other venues to practice for NADAC.

    Diana: I dunno if it's jealousy, I think it's more like they don't understand. Like I said, this person was teasing, but I find comments like that interesting (and amusing).