Thursday, December 30, 2010

JCAC NADAC Dec. 18-19, 2010

Here comes the last trial post for 2010!

Well, we headed over to AZ for our annual Jumping Chollas NADAC trial. My mom and I were also staying for the rest of the after the trial to do Christmas at one of my grandmother's house. The rest of the family was going to come over later. I have some amusing videos from our stay that will probably have a different post dedicated to them.

Let's start off with Blue. She Qd half of the runs and got another two bonuses! We tried so many lines. I'm so glad there were so many to try, even if we didn't Q. Her bonus Q runs were a 15 in Weavers and another 20 in Chances. I just have to say, OMG, the 15 pt line in Weavers was like, the easiest line ever. At least for Blue. I walked it, then the 20 and I was like, hmm, give Blue a break and go for the easiest line evah or try the harder challenge. Seriously, half of the course is practically next to you.

Oh, and Blue got her NATCH-6 at the last trial. I fail at counting apparently. She's also qualified for SilverStakes again.

Tru Qd 8/12 runs and finished two titles, her OAC and S-OCC! That means she will move up to Elite Chances, her first Elite class, at the next trial. I can't believe she already has a Superior in Open. My baby dog will start working towards her NATCH soon. Silly pupper also got her first Hoopers NQ at this trial.

Her contacts were pretty good Saturday, but deteriorated on Sunday. She was self releasing all over the place. I was like, um, well, at least you went fast and had confidence. We really need somewhere with rubber contacts to work this. I don't want her to loose confidence because of slats, but she needs to work her contacts. After she gets her 8 more Regular and 2 more TnG Qs for Champs, she will go on another contact break at trials. That is if we don't find somewhere to train.

I also tried a bunch of lines with Ms. Scrumptious. She didn't get any bonus Qs, but we came away with tons of things to work on (like usual). I really wish we had some more tries at Novice lines, but Novice and Open lines aren't always available so it wasn't worth waiting around. I just have to do more work in practice.

Back to Blue for a second. She decided to be naughty and jump over the A-frame contact, not once but twice. That's more times than in her whole life up to that point! So we decided to do a little ring contact schooling after the second time. Blue was thinking "WTK?" as we ran out of the ring after the second try, haha. She didn't try that again.

Sirius came out of this trial with a good haul of title ribbons. Out of 12 runs with 7 Qs she managed to finish 5 titles, her S-TG-N, S-OAC, S-OJC, HP-N and ECC! She's only been in Elite Chances for three shows now and already has three Chances Qs! She also gets to move to Elite in Jumpers and Regular now! My mom never expected her to get all those Open Qs. The Hoopers title is also pretty significant as Sirius has been doing it for years and just this year managed to get three Qs!

I guess this was a pretty good trial to end the year with. I'm now curious to see the Top Ten standings by breed now, haha. I'm thinking Blue will only be on that list in Chances this year, but who knows. Tru hasn't run in Elite yet, so she wont be eligible until next year. Next year Sirius and Tru are starting new adventures in Elite and we'll see what happens with 2011 Champs. I haven't even heard a confirmed location for that yet.

We'll be having some fun in the desert this weekend. See you guys in 2011!

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  1. Wow, it just so impressive to see your dogs run like that. Congrats on your weekend. Diana