Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's Up

I'm just gonna list off some stuff that has happened recently.

  • A couple weeks ago, Truly was missing for a few hours. I was at school for most of those hours, while my dad was the only one home. He didn't notice that she wasn't there. I got home and did notice that Tru didn't greet me, but figured she was outside. After about an hour, I noticed that she wasn't barking at someone out front (XD). I then proceeded to freak out as I called her and called her but she didn't come. Ask Dad if he's seen her, says he didn't notice. I get this feeling to go out and look in the walk in shed. I open the door and out pops Tru. She and I were both quite relieved and I find it pretty funny that she got locked in the shed after going to see the cat.
  • This last weekend, we went out to Borego Springs for an off road meet up. This one was HUGE and had a ton of vendors. Blue actually went with us in the Bronco to the vendor site. In one booth (for the BLM, I think), they had a taxidermy coyote and badger. Blue went right up to the coyote, as she could really see it. It was just a standing mount, with a neutral facial expression. She did get a little weirded out as the people in the booth started moving it. Then she saw the badger. Now that one really got her attention. It was snarling and she immediately backed off. Once again, the people were making it move and Blue gave out some growls. Which, to be honest, is okay. I don't want her to just flip out at animals, but if she's scared of badgers, that's good. Don't want her to wander up to one if she ever happens too. That's just one other thing to add to Blue's uber short "Scary Things" list. Fly swatters and taxidermy animals.
  • The dogs all went for rides of various lengths in the Bronco. My parents haven't really let them ride before. Blue went for a very long one and I don't think she'll be doing it again. She was awesome, but it was hot. Tru went at night at settled after a while. Sirius freaked out in it.
  • I randomly played with the dogs running on a flat board today. I kind of want to teach a running and a 2o2o to Truly. She seemed to be having fun running down the board and kind of understood running through the contact and not jumping. I would need to video to make sure though. Blue on the other hand, is waaayy to 'bouncy' for RCs. It's just the way she is and she is a little old for me to be worrying about retraining contacts. She had a really fast 2o2o after a couple running reps though. I have a month or so before our next trial. Perfect time to work some contacts, right?

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  1. Im glad Truly was ok. I one time closed the bathroom door on Guiness. I looked and looked from him. We drove around the neighborhood. I finally decieded to retrace my steps and there he was in the bathroom. LOL