Friday, April 1, 2011

Busy, But at the Same Time, Not

Hm, I haven't posted anything in a while and figured I might as well. School just seems to keep me busy, but I mostly spend time doing less productive things online. I really want to work on that. I spend way too much time on the internet doing nothing, when I should be doing school work or ARTTTT.

I'm actually in a pretty arty mood after reading various blogs and art websites. I really need to surround myself with some more art related stuff rather than mostly dog stuff/people. Should do more research too. I also need to just do more art. I have some projects that have been sitting around started, including a commissioned sculpture. Speaking of art, I started a Tumblr where I seem to be enjoying posting doodles.

Haven't done too much new on the agility front. For all that blabber about contacts and having time to work them, I haven't done much. Still trying to decide what to do AND the weather was crazy. Rain is good though.

And the last couple of days it's been HOT. We actually went out and practiced today and I think Blue and Tru were both very warm. Blue was kind of out of it, so I dunno what was up with her. She's been very off and on lately. I never would have thought my agility loving dog could just be so meh sometimes. Oh, well. Did I ever mention that after she finishes her next NATCH (7!), I am planning on moving her to Skilled? She can then jump 8" which will be hilarious and fun. I'm actually looking forward to it.

Now if there were just enough NADAC trials this year. Seriously, we are only going to make it to possibly 9 (more like 7) more this year and we're having to go to AZ for a couple. That's not including Champs which is only Regular Qs. There is just so much AKC (and this year, CPE?) in the area it's almost impossible find free weekends to put on trials. Too bad my dogs are not doing much in other venues now. :/ I feel like a lazy trainer because Tru doesn't like slats (I'm sure that's what it is) and I should train her to like them, but why? Supposedly they can cause injury, so why not listen to my dog? I think she might be able to to AKC occasionally. Blue is definitely done with that though. I hate to say it, but Blue's looking towards semi-retirement in the next year or so. Probably after I transfer away.

This fewer trial 'problem' cuts into my newest plan for Tru. I am planning on moving her to Elite at the next trial and working on her NATCH. After she finishes her NATCH, we well move back to Open (Novice in the case of TNG) in Skilled, practice some distance and start working towards lines. I think she likes 12" better, but can take 16" for at least one NATCH. She'll also go a lot faster at 12", which will help keep her momentum up for distance work. I'm sorry, but I don't think I want to wait until she's in Vet to get a NATCH on her. If MEDALs didn't count 5 point Qs (which I think they still do), I would so be in Skilled. I just have this thing with the 5 pt Qs in Regular. This of course, depends on how she does. If it's too much, I'll just move her back to Open. This also helps, because I wont be tempted to screw around with lines as much, so that we can really work it in practice before we try and do a bunch more at trials.

Anyway, we are entering one day of a NADAC trial in the middle of the month and one April 30-May 1. Can't wait to trial again. Tru only needs two more Champs Qs, come on!

One last note. BarkNetwork is livestreaming the Eastern PIDC regional tomorrow. For those that can't afford/don't want to pay for AKC Nationals livestream, but still want to watch some agility online.

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