Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So I was messing with Tru on the contact board again. I put the PVC box on it for her to stop in. We've been working on stopping in the PVC box for quite a while now, since I learned about it on the NADAC training group. I'm attempting to use this PVC box to train a 4 on contact performance. We'll see how it works.

Anyway, she kept trying to do a 2o2o instead of stopping in a four on. They were really fast 2o2os too, which I hated to not reward, but I'm trying to train a 4 on. One rep, she slid off and ended up doing a handstand for a hundredth of a second, haha. Trying to use our front end much?

Anyway, she's looking at me a lot, so we're going back to just the box and working on sending ahead with out staring at me. She seems to be enjoying targeting her (closed) bait bag. I'm liking that better than a target. She doesn't get the cookie when she's wrong. She's not too keen on toys either, but likes to go get things, so win/win. It probably didn't help that it was sprinkling (it's wet and cold. Tru loves the cold), but she was just doing flat work.

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