Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boxes, Time Lords, Chuck and an AKC Trial.

This shall be a varied post.

Chuck: First, 'Chuck' has been renewed for a 5th and final season!!! I'm actually kind of glad that we wont have to deal with the whole 'bubble' thing this season even though it means that it ends.

Time Lords: So I started watching 'Doctor Who' the other weekend, and I think it's brilliant. (I just wanted to say brilliant.) It's sort of like 'Quantum Leap' and 'Star Trek' (well, I haven't seen very many episodes of ST, but I'd say it's like that) put together (time travel + aliens). I'm almost finished with the fourth series and I'd love to check out the older episodes. This show was created in the 60's and I think it's amazing that they have continued and revived it for this long.

Boxes: It seems NADAC might be reviving the bonus box and I can't tell you how excited I am to see this. OMG, Blue and I might still be able to get some bonus Qs. For those that don't know, bonus boxes were the precursor to bonus lines. It was just a 'box' in the middle of the course, as opposed to a line across the start and finish. Blue and I were just starting to get better at distance when they switched to lines. I think our distance skills are definitely at a place where we could do boxes somewhat consistently if they are like the old ones. I really hope we can get a few courses with them on it soon and that they wont go back away before we have a chance to try them.

AKC trial: Tru was entered in both runs at an AKC trial today. Yes, Standard too. She was great and Qd both runs with first places. (Don't tell her that she was the only dog to Q out of about 4 dogs.) Her weaves were really fast and smooth in JWW. I spaced out for a hundredth of a second because they were so pretty. She also went down the middle of the AF for about half of the back end! I think it might have been a one time deal though, since she was kind of distracted by my mom and Blue outside the ring. I dunno. Maybe the rubber is okay? She did end up at the edge by the end of it though. :/

Finals are this week then off to AZ for a NADAC trial, visiting with grandparents and my birthday!

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