Friday, July 1, 2011

Movie/TV Reviews Round 2

Ooh, I feel like 'reviewing' some stuff I've watched recently.

Doctor Who: I've already mentioned that I liked this. A lot. New obsession. We'll see how long this lasts. (I have a t-shirt. O:) There are certain things I could do with out in the new series, but over all, it's good. I enjoy watching classic series episodes as well, although some can be a bit slow (this is okay if you just want some background noise and aren't really watching. XD). I've pretty much liked every Doctor and I don't know if I could pick a favorite. They are all the Doctor. I do have a little beef with Series 5. They got to the point where they were using time travel in a way that I find annoying. (Going into their own timeline and fixing/doing stuff. Blah.) It was also a bit more tightly knit story line wise. I never really got the feeling all the stories were totally connected in earlier seasons. It's not bad, I just found it interesting. Series 6 seems to be going in the same direction, but I am eagerly awaiting S6 part two in September.

Tron/Tron Legacy: I remember seeing the original Tron several years ago when my mom rented it from the library. Watching it again, it's rather slow. The story was interesting and the world was awesome, even though the CG was early. I think I can say the same thing for the new movie. It's been a month since I watched it, so I'm trying to remember what I thought after it. I think it was pretty much the same sort of pace as the first one, just with better visuals and maybe more action. I still think they were good. I think the designs are something of vastly greater interest to me than the story or other content of the movies.

Inception: This was interesting. I don't know if it was really to my taste, but I'm glad I saw it. I knew something about the end being open and it is really unclear what happened. It was nice to see an original action movie. I was amazed at how they edited all the scenes towards the end of the movie and managed to keep you up to speed.

Hellboy: I watched this on instant for the creature design, and didn't pay that much attention while I drew or whatever. Couldn't really hold my attention that well, but the creatures were epic. I like snarly beast thingies. Again, I enjoyed the fact that a lot of the creatures were mostly practical (at least they looked mostly practical). Seeing 'real' creatures almost makes me want to go into that, but then I think "Oh, it's a lot of physical work." XD

Heroes Season 1: I think I caught bits and pieces of Heroes on air, until part way though S3 when I started watching somewhat regularly because I discovered the Sybrows (Zachary Quinto's eyebrows). No, I'm serious, I started watching Heroes because his eyebrows where the biggest I'd ever seen. I watch through the end of S4. I never really thought to go back and watch the first season until I was reminded of it by someone. I'd always heard it was the best season and only really great one. I guess I'd agree, but I don't think it was exceptional. I think it dragged on with some story lines and found myself getting frustrated with how long something took. I also think there were waaay too many characters. I'm sure glad I didn't have to wait to see what happened next. I think some of the 'dragging on' has to do with the fact that the last few shows I've watched have had 13-14 episode seasons, so maybe I'm on a quicker pattern.

I haven't started watching S2. I'm not totally sure I really want to. I am kind of interested to see what happens, though and if it really is as bad as internet people make it out to be. Plus, I'm diggin the Sybrows again and need some more in my life, haha.

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