Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ACSD NADAC Oct. 8-9, 2011

Well, it's been a while since I posted anything, haha. (I bet I always say that.) Anyway, we had a trial this past weekend. It was at a new location that, while a little cramped (it's at someone's home) and kinda warm, was nice. We've been waiting for this field to open for a loooongg time. Anyway, the dogs were great. Well, my dogs were. Sirius was really, really freaked out and my mom is basically going to stop running her. She won't fully stop, but just not do as much.

Blue was great and only missed Qs on two runs. One was from a bonus attempt in Jumpers and the other a strange knocked bar in Chances. That thing dropped way after she had landed and was going to another jump. After I watched the vid (while at the trial) I thought maybe I hit the base with my foot. When I saw it on a bigger screen, it doesn't seem to be the case. I thought I wasn't that close to the jump. XD

Anyway, she got a bonus Q in Touch N Go!!! She was one redirect away from another TnG bonus, but still. Yay! I'm so happy that Blue is almost 10 years old and still out running so well and enjoying it. She's such an awesome dog. I can't wait to run her in Double Digit Vet at Champs next year. (Probably said that already.) She still can kick ass. She earned a lot of 90 DRIs and even got a 100 in Tunnelers. I was watching one dog that recently moved to Skilled Vet run, and thought, 'Dang, that's what it's gonna be like when Blue moves to Skilled.' XD I can't wait to see her jumping 8" at a trial. Speaking of moving to Skilled only 5 more Regulars for NATCH 7. Although, I actually checked her points for the special skills classes and she (now) only needs 3 Weavers and 3 TnGs for her Vers-NATCH 4. I didn't think were would even be that close before I planned to mover her to Skilled.

Oh, and I let my mom run her in Weavers on Saturday. She actually did pretty well and even Qd (although it was just barely under time, haha). I don't know why she was weaving so slow. Mom said she started to freak out a little when Blue actually ran ahead of her, lmao.

Truly was really good at this trial too! She Qd 8/12 runs and earned her TN-E and TG-E. All her Qs were smooth runs as well, which I was really proud of. Maybe it was the courses, maybe it was that I'm finally getting my timing down. Her contacts were, uh, more consistent at this trial than the last one. They weren't the greatest, but at least she was putting her front feet on the ground before leaving. I messed around with her on a contact board a few days before the trial. Maybe that helped? Maybe it's just that she actually trialed about a month ago and it wasn't 3 months between trials.

We've got two trials lined up for November and our usual AZ trial in December. Yay for more fun with my girls. I feel like these are going to be a little bittersweet for me. I'm going to 'go away' (a couple hours lol) for school in January. Basically I won't be seeing my dogs every day for several months. I can still trial and come home to see and practice with them on weekends. It's not like I won't have summer soon, too. So, yeah.