Sunday, December 4, 2011

Movie/TV Reviews Round 5

I haven’t done one of these in a while.  I’ve watched quite a bit in the last couple months.

Lost:  I started watching this and haven’t finished.  I’m partway through the second season and it’s probably been a month or two since I last watched.  I guess that says something.  I’ve heard it’s really good, but it’s just so drawn out, I guess I kinda got distracted.  I really should start it up again.  I did find the characters and mysteries interesting, and the scenery on the island is gorgeous.  I had the show sitting in my Netflix queue for a long time, and hesitated to start because it’s so long.  Darn long American TV seasons....jk.  I like them when it’s a show I love.

Merlin:  Wooh, more BBC stuff.  Honestly, I’m not a ‘omg, British TV is the best evah’ person, but I seem to be consuming it regularly.  I like this show.  (I’m actually downloading the current season as it airs.  Shhhhh.)  Unimposing title character with secret powers, sign me up.  It does get a bit cheesy or ridiculous at times, but it’s okay if you just enjoy it for what it is.

Fringe:  I already posted about Fringe, but I got caught up and omg, a new favorite show.  I had to get seasons 2 and 3 as dvds off Netflix, so it took me a while to catch up, but I did.  I’m so sad it’s on winter hiatus now, I want to see what happens next.  It’s unfortunately a ‘bubble show’ like Chuck was, which means it’s chance for another season is up in the air due to ratings, but it’s on Friday, so what do you expect?  I don’t know how Fox works, but I know Chuck got away with low ratings because of fan/advertiser support and the fact that NBC kinda sucks anyway.  Chuck wasn’t that low compared to the rest of NBC’s shows.  I somehow doubt that Fox is in the same place as NBC, so I don’t know if any cards are stacked towards Fringe’s favor or not.  I think this show could explore a lot more places, if given the opportunity.  (And they can’t take my bb Walter away.)  I wonder if the low ratings have to do with the sort of 'reset' that was in the S3 finale?  It did affect a couple relationships in the show, particularly a romantic one.  Hmm.

Howl’s Moving Castle:  I’m not really into anime, but I figured I should give a Miyazaki film a look, and this was streamable.  I was pretty much bored though most of this movie.  The voices kinda weird me out since they were dubbed.  Am I the only one that thinks the voices don’t sound like they are coming out of the mouths right when they dub things?  The designs were pretty fantastic though, and that’s one thing I really thought I should watch for.

Peter and the Wolf:  Okay, so this is a stop motion film that I watched because it came up as a suggestion and was short.  Very, very neat little film.  I loved all the animal models and mannerisms in this.  It also has no dialog, but still keeps your attention.  I would recommend watching it if you have Netflix and like that sort of thing, especially since it’s only about 30 mins long.

Grimm:  I started watching this on Hulu because I was bored.  I think I might keep watching (on Hulu of course, since it's on at the same time as Fringe and Fringe>Grimm).  Obviously the 'omg, weird power and confused person' thing got me, even though the main character is pretty bland.  The reformed 'big bad wolf' character is freaking hilarious though, and probably the best character.  There are also monsters it so I'm good.  Now that I think of it, the monster thing applies to Merlin a bit as well.

Supernatural:  I kinda just watched what was on the the other day because I was bored, but hear about the show on Tumblr all the time.  I don't really want to deal with getting it from Netflix one disc at a time and don't really want to download it.  Plus, I'd have to wait for the beginning of this season since I missed it.  (I think it's on at the same time as Fringe as well.)  I don't know how interested I am in it.  Might be a little scary/gory for me.  I still need to watch the latest episode, but it sounds sad.

Voyage of the Dawn Treader:  Yeah, I got this from Neflix and finally watched it after having it a month.  I never saw it in the theater, although I should have supported the series.  I’m not sure if they’re continuing or not, but I always believed that the Chronicles of Narnia were ideally suited to be movies, since the cast changes every couple of books, haha.  I thought it was good and the end was very moving.  OMG, creature designs.  The dragon, heck yes!  (I actually read VotDT first because I heard it had a dragon in it, back in 5th grade, haha.)  The sea serpent!  I said, ‘It’s awesomesauce,’ out loud and my mom’s reaction was, ‘what?’

Jekyll:  I just finished this in the last couple of days.  Steven Moffat and modern adaptations of old stories, why not give it a shot right? (And it’s only 6 episodes long.)  I have no expectations for most of this stuff, so I enjoyed it.  I’ve actually read Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and liked it, and I didn’t care that this wasn’t a direct re-telling of the story.  It seems a lot of people didn’t care much for the end and I have to say the last couple of eps did seem a little convoluted to me.  Things were brought up, sorta explained then dropped.  The actor for Jackman/Hyde was great though and his performance was brilliant.  I’d have to warn for swearing though, they use the ‘f-word’ quite a bit, but mostly referring to sex, and not just cussing.  Hyde can be kind of frightening too, so just don’t let little kids watch, haha.

Then there's always the shows that have come back from summer break: Psych and Chuck and then Doctor Who came back in August, finished up, and went on break.

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