Sunday, September 23, 2012

PAC NADAC Aug. 25-26, 2012

Well, I'm sitting in my dorm right now.  I wasn't even sure how many runs I would be able to get in at this trial.  Or if I even would want to be there.  Let's just say it can get hot at the location.  I managed to run nine out of the ten classes offered AND get up to school in time to check into my dorm on Sunday.  I was kindly allowed to run my last run (the fourth out of five classes) out of order so I could get home and finish packing.

Anyway, Truly was MUCH better this trial.  Completely back to normal.  Maybe even exceptionally good.  She was doing awesome distance and sends and running very fast, and staying in weaves all the way through.  She even earned her first Elite Weavers Q!!!  I'm glad she wasn't weird, because it means there was something weird going on just in Mammoth Lakes and not something serious going on with her.  That would be just what we need before Champs.

She had an awesome bonus attempt in Regular on Sunday.  It was a 20 pt box/line thing in the corner near the start line.  She got to the fifth to the last obstacle before not turning away.  I managed to run out and 'save' her and the Q.  She was flying and I was so proud of her.  Maybe we'll manage to become a bonus/Stakes team yet!  (I'm the real hang up on that goal.)

Blue was great too and finished her NATCH-8!  I am going to start cutting down the number of runs she enters.  Five runs a day is becoming a lot.  I didn't run her in Weavers and only ran her twice on Sunday.  I think the number and class of the runs with depend on time of year, location, and schedule.  I kind of have this little goal of getting to NATCH-10 with her and then putting her back in Novice/semi-retiring her.  She's only 11 Qs in Jumpers away from that.  We'll see what happens.  I think the first 3 runs a day sounds good.  Unless one of those is Weavers.  No more Weavers for Blue.

 That was our last trial before Champs.  I can't wait!  Champs is always an experience.

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  1. Wish I could do agility! The closest I get is jumping over my friends arm!
    from Pippa