Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ramona Rampage!!!

We had agilty the last two weekends. In past years, these trials were NADAC FUN-Raisers. So, the weekends and trial site were claimed by two clubs and they became "Ramona Rampage."

Weekend #1 was put on by Manzanita Agility Club with Jeff Lyons as judge. It poured all weekend and was freezing cold.

Blue didn't do particularly well, again, with 4/9 Qs. She actually knocked a bar in one run and that is something she rarely does. She Qd both Jumpers, yay! She also had an awsome Tunnelers run(6.32 yps).

Blue's Touch N Go Q

I tried the bonus line on this round. It was a really cool one and went vertically as opposed to the usual horizontal lines. Blue just didn't want to do it. She had one sweet move, though. She had a very smooth turn to the tunnel at the begining of the course. The other two dogs that tried the bonus moved out toward the jumps.

Sirius did really, really well considering how she has reacted to the trial site in past years. This trial site made Sirius really nervous and she wouldn't run. She Qd 7/9 runs! She also had a great Tunnelers run. She ran 5.53 yps! Oh, yeah, Truly was sick (squirts and barfing) and wasn't drinking. It started Thursday and on Saturday my dad took her to the vet and they gave her fluids under the skin and some pills. After that, she was feeling alot better and was fine by Monday.

Weekend #2 was put on by Palomar Agility Club with Ken Perlmutter as judge. It didn't rain this weekend, but it was still cold. This was PACs first trial!


Blue Qd all but one run this weekend! Her only NQ was on a bonus line attempt. She had awsome Regular runs both days.

Siri was so crazy on this run and my mom loved it!
Sirius didn't do as good as the last weekend, Qing 5/10 runs.

Regular round 2-Blue
Great run and a Q.


Blue Qd both Jumpers and both Chances this weekend. She has never done that before!

Regular round 3-Blue Q
another good run

Truly went the second weekend and was very good. She didn't mind the environment at all.

We don't have any trials until the end of March.

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