Thursday, February 5, 2009

Truly's Pelvis

So, several weeks ago, we got an e-mail from Nor. Cal. Sheltie Rescue notfiying us that one of Truly's brothers had been diognosed with hip dyplasia. Truly has always had a little skip in her gait so we never thought is was anything to worry about. At the trial the other weekend we had some people watch her and they said "Get the right side checked." So we take her in Monday morning and get x-rays. Thankfully, her hips looked excellent. We also made an appointment with the chiropractor before we left.

Well, today we went to the chiropractor. We now know that Truly's pelvis is crooked. It's nothing critical, thank God. Something must have happened to her when she was younger and it caused her pelvis to develop crooked. She is okay to keep doing agility and everything. He gave us a stretch to do with her every day. We might be able to staighten it out if it works.

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