Monday, March 23, 2009

Arizona Classic Bronco Stampede 3/19-22/09

Last weekend, my family headed over to Rock Springs, AZ for the 2009 Arizona Classic Bronco Stampede.

We left Thursday morning at around 7 something and it was soooo foggy. I was thinking to myself that I should draw foggy scenes because all you have to do is lay down a color and add some vague shapes for the background. It looked really cool when the sun was trying to break through while we were driving down the freeway. After we got out of the fog, I noticed the sun had a halo around it. I thought that was pretty neat and took a little bit of video. Then we stopped at a desert area called Ogilby and had some lunch and let they dogs play (btw, we were towing our 37 ft toy hauler). Eventually, we made it to Phoenix and stopped at Gram's to say hi. After we left gram's we drove some more and finally reached our destination- the lot behind the Rock Springs Cafe. After we got all set up, we looked around, made pizza and didn't do much else... well, I drew a bit. Click here for some drawings.

Friday, my mom and I visited and ran some errands with her mom. My dad and brother went on a trail ride while we were gone. Here are some pics they took.

As my mom and I returned, they were leaving for another ride. My mom went with them while I stayed at the trailer (it was hot). I drew/goofed off/rested/listened to my ipod/did school work. My mom's dad and his wife came and had dinner. After dinner, we got one of Rock Springs Cafe's famous pies and then went to bed. Oh, yeah, Thursday night I slept up in the bunk bed and my brother slept below and I guess Truly was restless. I usually sleep below with Truly at my feet and she stays there all night. She thinks my brother is "weird" and barked at him all night. Needless to say, I slept below Friday.

Saturday, we went on a really beautiful but tough trail ride. Our Bronco wasn't really modified enough to do that level of ride yet. We had to be towed three times! Something got messed up on our Bronco and it kept stalling out. Then, on the last "hard part" a tire got slashed. We had a spare and were able to finish the run. In the trail description it said something like "body and tire damage likely." We ended up with both. Over all, it was very fun. Here are some pics and a video.

We were in the Augua Fria river basin, so there was water and loads of rocks. It was sooo pretty. The rocks were all green and red and there were all different kinds of plants and bugs. I saw several different butterflies. After we got back and got in the shower and washed all the dust off.
Look, a puppy!
He is a 16 week old Aussie/ACD. There is something up with his left eye. The guy that had him was giving him away and said he was born that way. There was a raffle and we won an afghan, some fruit vitamin stuff called Xango and some lights.

Sunday morning we packed up and left. We stopped at Gram's again and made breakfast. Then we drove and drove and drove. It was really windy coming through the desert and mountains. The sand was all in the air and you could barely see. It was really neat looking while we were driving through the sand dunes but kinda scary while we were going across a bridge.

Now for some doggie(and a couple flower) pics. For once I got some nice pics of Sirius!




Video of the doggies.

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