Monday, April 13, 2009

NADAC Overload! the past 2 weeks, I have had non stop NADAC agility. Good thing I looove NADAC. First we did 2 days of a 3 day Fun-raiser

Blue and I Qd 8/11 runs that weekend! We are finally getting back in sync. We had 2 good Weavers runs, an ok Tunnelers, and 2 good Touch n Go runs on Friday. After watching the videos, I saw that Blue was really moving. On Saturday, Blue NQd a Chances because I tried a bonus, NQd one round of Regular and Qd the other, Qd Jumpers and Hoopers. That Hoopers Q finished her HP-E!

Blue is weird.

Now for Sirius.
Siri's runs weren't awesome, but she did good. She had to be scratched on Saturday because she shattered one of her toenails while getting out of the car. Poor Sirius.

On Tuesday through Thrusday we were at a Sharon Nelson NADAC seminar. It was amazing! I'm not very good at writing details and stuff but it was very informative and fun. I learned sooo much. Truly got to run most of the exercises and was very good. I was so proud of her. BTW, Truly is 16 months old now.

Friday-Sunday, we had another Fun-raiser.

On Friday, Blue and I got two Bonus Lines!!! One was a 20 point Tunnelers and one was a 15 point Touch n Go. We only NQd one Tunnelers(bonus attempt) and one Weavers. I tried to apply some things I learned at the seminar(no arm pumping, don't stare at your dog, draw the dogs path, keeping Blue's attention on me while walking out to the start line).

Sirius had some nice runs on Friday. She had an amazing(for her) Tunnelers run. Her time was 19.20! I don't think I have ever seen Siri run that fast on an agility course. My mom also got some great distance out of her on a couple runs.

Blue's Tunnelers bonus run- Blue was so calm when we walked up to he start line and we nailed the course.

An almost bonus in Weavers- just one bobble after a tunnel.

Sirius doing the same course(Novice version) with some great distance.


Blue's first Regular was good, but her 2nd round was awesome. Her run was the fastest clean run out of all the dogs (the fastest dog had a knocked bar). We Qd Chances and NQd Jumpers and Hoopers. Blue broke her start line and knocked the first bar in Jumpers!
Sirius Qd both Regulars (one was a freebie), NQd Chances and Qd Jumpers.

Blue Qd everything on Sunday! She had a very smooth Hoopers, a decent Jumpers and great Chances and 2 ok Regulars. Only 4 dogs Qd on the Chances course. Sirius only Qd one round of Regular.

Tuesday-Thursday we had another seminar and it was just as awesome as the one the week before. This time it was a Super Stakes (big distance) seminar. The basics we learned last week were expanded upon. There was a lot of emphasis on "drawing" the dog's path.

Then we had another Fun-raiser!

I got to run Rudy! I last ran Rudy in January. According to his owner that was the last time he did agility. He only ran on Friday and he Qd both rounds of Tunnelers. He got his TN-O! He didn't Q anything else.
Blue Qd on the first round of Tunnelers. She had a nice run on Tunnelers round 2. We got another 20 point bonus in Weavers! We then got an E on the next round of Weavers because we tried the bonus. Blue Qd both rounds of Touch n Go. Blue got her Versatility NATCH 2 on the first round of TnG! Sirius Qd one round of Tunnelers and one round of Weavers. My mom tried a Novice bonus line in Weavers but didn't get it because the judge said she stepped over the line. She still Qd that run, though.


Only Blue ran on Saturday. Sirius bumped her hurt toe on Saturday morning and was limping. Blue was so tired and you could see it. She did okay on Chances and Regular 1 but in Regular 2 she knocked a bar! Her Jumpers was nice and smooth but I could see that her speed was slower than usual. Hoopers was bad. Blue didn't really want to do it and couldn't do the first test. I also coined the term "crayon-dling" to describe the way Sharon tells you to handle. You imagine a giant crayon in your hand and "draw" the path you want your dog to run.

Here are some photos. My brother took most of them.

Overall, it was an awesome but tiring experience. We have a CPE trial this weekend and another NADAC the next weekend. Truly will be trialing for the first time at the CPE!

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