Thursday, May 14, 2009

Honestly, is Quantum Leap Still That Popular?

Yeah, so Quantum Leap is my new TV/Movie "high." I had seen a couple of episodes before and my parents enjoy it (there's something about watching shows my parents like) and then I saw the first season for like 50% off at our local Borders. I was sorta interested in it because Scott Bakula was guest starring on Chuck, so I got my mom to buy it. OMG, I like watched it in like three somewhat spread out days. Ugh, now I'm sooo high on it. I guess this is rather humorous to my parents as I apparently liked this show when I was little(really little, I was born while Season Three was airing, but I'm sure my mom doesn't mean that young). I lol at my early SciFi/Fantasy leanings.

So, I look up QL online and find out that songs have been replaced on most of the DVDs after the first season. WTH. Thank goodness ION Television is showing re-runs, so I'm DVR-ing all the eps I can. It just so happens that I start recording in the middle of the fourth season. I really hope they will start the series over again after the final episode.

Okay, now for the reason of this post. Yesterday, I thought about getting the DVDs from the library just to check them out. I didn't really think that they would even have them and at two out of the three libraries they didn't have much. At the third though, O.M.G! They were ordering a bunch of new DVDs for quite a lot branches and they were all reserved and had wait lists for them! Is Quantum Leap still that popular?

I wanted to fan art so bad every time I watched an ep and finally got something in on Sunday.
Dr. Sam Beckett, baby! This isn't really that great, sort of a glorified sketch. I might do something more with it later, but it got feeling of "MUST. FAN. ART. AHHH!" out of my system. I really need to work on my hoomans (but animals and aliens are so much more fun, no?).

If you want to watch some Quantum Leap and see if ya like it, NBC has put up the first season and two eps from the second (click here!).

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