Friday, May 1, 2009

NADAC 4/23-24/2009 and Other Stuff

We had a trial last weekend but our camera died :( so, no videos. Blue Qd 5/9 runs and Sirius Qd 4/9 runs. Blue Qd both rounds of Jumpers and got her EJC-500. Both Regular courses flowed better on round 2 and Blue Qd on those. Blue had the fastest clean run in Elite Regular 2 on Sunday. Her yps was 5.48! We only need 2 more Chances for NATCH-3 and we didn't get either of them. I tried the bonus on one and just screwed up on the other. On the bonus I tried, Blue's only mistake was one she probably would have made if I was up close. She also got a Tunnelers Q. Siri Qd in one round of Regular, one Jumpers and both Chances.

Edit:Our camera got fixed and I got one vid. This is our first round of Jumpers. I forgot to mention that this was my last trial as a Jr. Handler.

I got my wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday. I got to lay around and Truly was with me almost the whole time.

Now for some art.

Chuck from Chuck.

I did a video like the other drawing I did.

Now, Chuck just finished its second season and NBC hasn't confirmed that it is picking Chuck up for a third season. Fans are trying to spread the word about Chuck so NBC will hopefully renew it. If you would like to check it out you can watch episodes online here and here.

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