Friday, June 5, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

Sorry, this is so late, but Truly attended her first NADAC trial over Memorial Day weekend! Here's the main video.
She really had know idea what she was doing out there but she was going fast. She seemed faster than at the CPE trial she did and was definitely faster than at class. I'm so happy that she is running so fast at a trial. I just want her to have fun. That is why I was trying not to take her back that much. I think she did very good for the amount of training that she has had (not much). She didn't remember discriminations and didn't stick her dog walk contacts. She ended up with one Q in Hoopers, one Q in Regular and one Q in Jumpers. On one round of Jumpers she ended up with the most faults for that day(110). On a round of Regular, she started out great but half way through the course she decides to run across the field, lol. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention she wasn't entered in everything. I don't think young dogs need be doing full trials right off.

Truly's Regular that she Qd.

I love how she has a little extra burst of speed to the tunnel on this round.

Blue did great as usual. She Qd 12/16 runs, got her NATCH-3 and got 2/5 bonus Q attempts! There's not much more to say about Blue except that she is a good girl. Oh, yeah, if the courses from Saturday look familiar, we ran them at one of the FUN-Raisers in April.

Sirius has some big brags from this weekend. Sirius got 9/16 Qs and received Novice High in Trial!!! Yay Sirius!

Now for a photo slideshow.

I also had my 18th birthday on Friday. We ran Hoopers and had dinner with all our agility friends. It was also Truly's 18 month birthday and the first day she could trial. Here's a link to the rest of my SW and Indy release drawings.

Now, I need to get the stuff up from last weekend's trial. I also have some photos of the dogs at the beach the other day.

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