Sunday, June 7, 2009

UDAC NADAC 5/30-31/09

Truly had her second NADAC trial and got her first title! She received her TN-N and those were the only 3 runs she Qd. Two of those runs were only 3 seconds slower than Blue's! Pretty good for a baby dog who is a couple inches shorter. The gopher holes were pretty distracting the reason she kept running off and not sticking her contacts. Even though she didn't Q very much she pulled off some pretty nice stuff especially in the Weavers on Sunday. She got some Blue-style distance on that run.

Blue was good as usual. She got another 20 pt. bonus in Touch n Go. Yay! She only NQd one of each class.

A newspaper came over and did some interviews with people at the trial. I was one of the competitors interviewed. The article is here.

I took a lot of pics at a USDAA trial this weekend and I still need to get those ones from the beach up. My next post will probably be all photos, lol.

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