Saturday, July 4, 2009

AKC 7/3-4/2009 and some other babbling

Blue and I competed in our first AKC trial in a year and didn't do that good. This was mostly due to the fact that Blue was very sore from a rabies vaccine she received Thursday. She was really not herself on the first run on Friday(JWW). I was layering some jumps while she was weaving and wanted to send her on to the double jump. So, she is on her way to the double, gets right up to it and stops. I'm like "What?" It was so unlike Blue, something had to be up. I figured out that she was reacting to the vaccine when I was petting her side where they injected her and she yelped. On the Standard run, Blue did the most un-Blue-like thing ever. She did a whole 3 obstacles and couldn't really go on. She did break the start-jump-teeter-trot up to the next jump-and knock it down. I took her off after that. If she was in that much pain there was no reason to keep going. I did not feel that the videos of these runs where worth putting up.

Here are Saturday's runs.
Blue was still sore and just ran past a jump. She also took the wrong end of the second tunnel. No JWW Qs for Blue this weekend. I find it kind of funny that Blue has 5 NATCHs worth of Jumpers Qs but only 3 JWW Qs.

Blue Qd and got 3rd! She received 15 MACH points and now has a total of 137 points. That was also her 6th leg for her MX. Wooo.

I don't really like AKC all that much, but I think I'm going to enter some more because I want to take Blue and Truly to the Sheltie Nationals next year. They are in Tucson so, they're not that far, so Blue could use some more AKC practice. Truly won't be competing in AKC until the end of the year or beginning of next year. I really want her to be in Novice at the Nationals.

Here's a random vid of Truly doing one of her tricks.

WAGS for Wishes is next weekend. Yay, NADAC! Oh, I forgot to mention that Truly broke a toe nail! Hopefully, she with be better by WAGS so she can run.

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