Sunday, July 26, 2009

WAGs for Wishes 2009

WAGs for Wishes was a couple of weeks ago and it was hot.

Blue did pretty good despite the fact that the lure coursing was set up right next to the agility(again). She actually got another 15 pt bonus Q. Blue didn't do anything wrong, that was just what the line was worth. We only Qd 2 Regular runs. She was really amped and distracted on those runs and I wasn't ready for it. The 2 she did Q were smoking fast and very smooth. On round one she had the second fastest time of all the dogs and on round 2 she had the fastest time. I was hoping for some 100+ DRIs, but no, we still weren't fast enough. Blue only needs 7 more 100+ Regulars for a Platinum Speed Star. Once again, we nailed all the Jumpers and Chances. I think we finally broke the curse of 2 of one and one of the other. Yay!

Sirius ran Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. She in Chances and Jumpers on Sunday. It was very hot for a BBD. Truly ran 8 runs and Q 3 times-a Chances, a Hoopers and a Tunnelers. She only needs one more Hoopers Q for her HP-N. Most of her NQs were caused by me not "baby sitting" her. She gets super lazy when it is hot and sunny and would prefer to run around jumps. She also doesn't know the equipment real well and I don't want to deal with it at a trial. I think I also have this thing now where I want to get off the course asap when I mess up. I think this stems from attempting all those bonuses with Blue and leaving so that I don't frustrate Blue and take up loads time. I also didn't really want to run Tru because of her toe nail. None the less, I think I will only be entering Tru in Tunnelers and Hoopers until she 1) Learns the equipment better 2) I learn how to handle her better (I think Hoopers will help with this).

I got to meet Emily Larlham in the SD Canine Freestylers setup. It was kind of weird to meet someone I had only seen online. I entered Truly and Blue in their trick contest and ended up being the only contestant. Truly ended up "beating" Blue and we got a bunch of prizes. I have a feeling no one else entered that weekend, lol.

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  1. Wow, you have great distance skills on your dog! Diana