Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PAC NADAC Back to School Bash! 8/22-23/2009

What a long, humid weekend! My mom and I didn't leave both days until about 6:30. This was Palomar Agility Club's second trial and we had a Hawaiian theme going. We had pork roast and teriyaki chicken for lunch, a Hawaiian shirt competition and played Hawaiian music.

Now for the usual summary.

Blue did good qualifying in 8/12 runs. On Saturday, she was feeling great and had some fast runs(over 5 yps in both Reg. rounds and over 6 in Jumpers and Tunnelers), but she face planted coming out of the second tunnel in Tunnelers that evening. It was amusing to see her running with a brown nose, but this wasn't a good thing. She seemed okay on the first couple of runs Sunday, but got worse as the day went on. I was stupid and chose to do bonus lines Sunday and she didn't get any. All her NQs this weekend were on bonus attempts. I really knew she was sore when I tried a bonus in TnG and Blue started trotting! Her Jumpers after that was pretty slow, too(well, for her, anyway). Needless to say, she will be going to the chiropractor soon. Oh, yeah, she also Qd a Chances that only 2 other dogs Qd in and ran over 5 yps in the 3 Regulars she Qd on.

Sirius got 3 Qs 2 in Open Regular and 1 in Open Jumpers. She was up most of the runs and ran pretty fast.

I stuck with my plan of only entering Truly in Tunnelers and Hoopers. This seems to have been a very good idea as it was very warm during the day. Truly had perfect "Truly conditions"-it was getting dark, it was cool and she hadn't done much all day. She ran so fast! I knew if the conditions were right she would do great. She almost hit 6 yps(5.97) on her Tunnelers! She also got her HP-N!

I also got to run Rudy in Jumpers and Tunnelers on Saturday. He had soo much fun and Qd both of his runs! Yay, Rudy!

Overall, this was a fun weekend.

I feel like posting my plan for Truly's trialing schedule. There are 3 more trials I am planning on entering Truly in this year. I think I will enter her in Weavers or TnG at the next trial, in addition to Tun. and Hoopers. After that I want to enter her in all four of those events until next year. Then, in January, I will add Jumpers to the mix and in February I will enter her in everything. There are these 2 trials in Feb. that are in a covered arena and it is usually cool. I think Truly will love it! After that, I might cut back a bit depending on how she is doing. I hope this will work for her. Oh, I almost forgot about the Sheltie Nationals and entering her in at least one AKC trial before those.

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