Monday, August 17, 2009

CPE Aug. 15-16, 2009

Well, mostly the 15th, I guess, as Blue was sick Sunday. It's crazy! Blue has been sick or not well at two of our last three trials. She is protesting non-NADAC trials. Luckily, we have a NADAC trial this weekend and Blue is feeling better.

Okay, I will now talk in some detail about our weekend. Blue Qd 2/5 runs. Not her normal 50% or more. Blue was feeling great in the morning and Qd in Full House and Standard. It was when I got Blue out to run Snooker that I noticed she was a little off. She was very "blah" and spacey, didn't really want to run over to the ring and just wanted to lay down. I didn't get Snooker filmed, but it was so bad it was funny. First she tried to go to a tunnel and then I got her back. Then she turned the wrong way over a jump, tried to back jump it and I got her around it. Then I sent her to a tunnel, called her to me, she tried to go around me into another tunnel and I got her past that. I sent her over a jump and she then decides to run around the tunnel I was by and goes in the other end. It's like she thought "I couldn't possibly get in that end of the tunnel. You're standing in the way!" In Wild Card she had super spacey wide turns, went off course and didn't Q. I think she was feeling a little better in Jumpers, but I basically sent her off course. I said "get out tunnel" and she got out and then tunneled. I think she made it flow better, she "fixed" it, lol. I find she(we?) does that often on CPE courses.

So, Saturday night Blue vomited 3 times and didn't want to finish her breakfast. She has NEVER walked away from breakfast in the 7 years we have had her. I went over to the trial to scratch her and ended up staying all day and helping. Have I ever mentioned that this park is only like 5 mins away from my house? I took Truly and she was good all day. I didn't enter her because I didn't know what the weather would be like. The weather was pretty nice in the morning and it wasn't that bad in the afternoon. Truly was pretty spunky all day just walking around. She even was pawing to get out of the ex-pen in the afternoon. Even though she was like that when I was around she actually slept when I would leave to work or socialize. She is such a good girl. She also got many compliments on her ears and looks. My arms got sunburned! I don't get sunburned arms often. I think it's worse than on the back of or the top your legs or your face.

Here's the videos.

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  1. I just cant get over how much distance you can get on your dog. Thats great. I hope Blue is feeling better for you next trial. Diana