Sunday, November 22, 2009

Catching up on the last few of weeks...

Well, we went to the a Ford Bronco meet up and off-roaded, had an agility trial, got some new furry family members, and had another agility trial.

We attended Bronco Daze in Borrego Springs for the second year. My mom and I got to the campground Friday, separately from my dad and brother because of school, and ended up waiting around for them to get back from a ride that went longer than expected. They rode for about seven hours, I think! While my mom, Blue, Truly and I were locked out of the trailer, Sirius was locked in and cried while we tried to find an open window or something. Eventually, we found a top window that was open, and my mom drove the car around and I got in, by standing on the roof of the car. That was our major adventure.
On Saturday, we went on another long ride, and it was beautiful. We drove through some gorgeous canyons and washes, saw a water hole and a empty pay phone on a cliff. Yes, a pay phone. I have some pics from that weekend here. I got some nice photos of the doggies.

Well, the next weekend, we had a NADAC trial! I tried quite a few bonuses with Blue, thus her 4/10 Qs. Only 2 NQs were not bonus line attempts. But, most of those attempts were actually pretty good attitude wise. At least I felt that way. We have been working on a moving wait, Blue decided she liked down better on Friday, before the trial. I don't even know if I am using this right, but I think it helped lower the barking/frustration after Blue went off course. It doesn't seem like she's taking that as a punishment or anything, just a "We are laying down, okay." I think my mom has been trying to get me to do this with Blue for years though, lol.
She had a gorgeous TnG bonus attempt that, with her mess up actually flowed easier, haha, that didn't completely get captured on video. I think that was her best bonus try of the weekend. It was soo smooth. Also, we did not get enough Chances for our NATCH-4. One more, next trial. Oh, and one of Blue's Regular runs from that last trial had a 100+ dri, so 5 more for a Platinum Speed Star.
Truly did well at her re-debut in stuff with contacts(and to a lesser extent, jumps). She Qd in TnG, and held all her contacts, and didn't miss a discrimination(well, I pulled too hard on one and she pulled off, but came back and did the right one). I believe that I saw she had the fastest Nov. Weavers time, another Q. One more for her WV-N! She also Qd in Tunnelers, and tried quite a bit of distance on that run. I was happy with the distance that the baby dog got. She did not Q in Reg., but didn't run around any jumps. Yay! She missed a tunnel/DW discrimination that Blue didn't even get, lol. Truly will be running a full NADAC trial in Dec. even though I said I wouldn't till next year, but she is doing so well. I will back off at the next couple after that, though.
Sirius got 2/5 Qs on Sunday, one in Regular and one in Chances. She got her OCC with that Chances Q!

Okay, we got two new fuzzy family members this week. Two kittens that came from my school's nursery and landscape department. Someone dumped mom as she is clearly a domestic cat, guessing by her behavior. She had four kittens and has been a great mom. She is very sweet and loves being pet, but her kittens are pretty much feral. I have been going with tuna the last couple of weeks, trying to get the kittens to associate people with good things. Well, I ended up capturing one on Tuesday. She had been so depressed, we decided to get another. We now have two new kitties. We haven't had cats in two years, lol. The brown tabby is Thyme and the black one Echo. Thyme is a little more laid back than Echo. They are both female. Here are some pics for yah.
Weee! Another agility trial. AKC, bleh. I need to stop entering because I really don't care much for it and this weekend only made me more apt to stop. Only Blue ran. Truly will have her AKC debut on Dec. 26th. Two friends are getting married and I wasn't planning on entering that trial, much less with Truly, but thought, "Aw, what the heck?", we would probably go down to the trial anyway.
One. Knocked. Bar. Gosh, when did she become such a bar knocker? Uh, after she got hurt and started practicing at 12". Oh, on that turn to the tunnel from the weaves, I randomly woofed there while walking, lol.

Started off real nice, well, both her runs did. lol, at Blue's table. Dork. Um, yes, I messed Blue up at the end. Yay, for trying to go to the thing you see that starts with a "T."

Most non-Blue and I incompatible opening ever. I fail at handling this stuff, it was so my fault, but aren't most mistakes? Did good on the rest of the course though.

Yay, for not being able to figure out where the table is and pulling Blue off the jump. I always say that I have trouble finding the numbers on AKC course maps. I guess I couldn't even find the obstacles while on the course. I didn't run the end like I walked it for the most part. When I have weekends like this in venues other than NADAC, I always feel discouraged. I am thinking I wont enter any more AKC after the one in Dec. I am also considering not going to the Sheltie Nationals, but we will see what happens with the time comes. I think I'd put the money towards NADAC Champs and Superstakes training, as that is where my main goals are.


  1. well at least you had nice weather. I think it would be very hard to go from NADAC to AKC. Ive never done NADAC but it looks like its a lot of distance work and AKC its lots of turns and tigh spots. Do what your happy doing. Diana

  2. I look back at her other AKC stuff and think this was just a very bad AKC weekend. I still think I'll back off on it, because Blue just loves blasting though those NADAC courses at full speed with out me having to get in her way.