Wednesday, December 23, 2009

JCAC NADAC Dec. 18-20, 2009

Well, last week I had my finals. So now I am on break! Yay! Finals weren't that bad, I only had three and one was for an art class. All we did in that one was critique and eat, lol. I also had a math final and an open note mythology final.

Anyways, the day after school was over, my mom and I hopped in the truck and headed over to Phoenix for an agility trial. What better way to celebrate the the end of the semester than by playing with the dogs. We also get to visit relatives and all that before Christmas.

Now to the runs. All the dogs did great! Blue Qd 9/13, Sirius Qd 8/13 and Truly Qd 11/13!

Friday, there were two runs in the afternoon, Touch n Go and Weavers. I tried a bonus with Blue in TnG and although we didn't get it, I was really happy with how she redirected and got right back going after my mess up. She Qd in Weavers with a nice 5 yps run. Sirius Qd in both her runs and got her S-TG-N. Truly also Qd both runs and got her WV-N.

Blue did pretty well the rest of the weekend. I was very happy with her attitude on the bonus-y stuff we did. She was happy to go out and do what I asked and seemed to be listening and thinking a lot. Not just taking something because she didn't understand what I want and then barking at me. Maybe it was my handling as well. We have been practicing a lot of come close, then go away on hoops in the back yard. Maybe my timing is getting better. It just felt really natural this weekend and although I caused the errors(saying "here" instead of "out," lol), Blue didn't get ticked off and barky. I think that down and wait work has helped. It gives me some time to think as well.

Enough distance babble. Sorry, I was just so happy with how she did, gives me hope for SuperStakes. She also had some fast Regular runs. I am pretty sure at least one is worthy of a 100+ dri, but hopefully there are some more. On one though, I think she jumped her DW contact for the third time in her life, but the judge didn't call it. So, she Qd all her Regulars that weekend. I don't think we have done that for a while. She only NQd the rounds I tried bonuses on and a round of Jumpers. Oh, and she got her NATCH-4 and a 15 point bonus in Hoopers.

Truly did really well. This was her first trial where she was entered in all the classes. Her brain started to die about half way through Sunday, so I think three days and 13 runs is still a little much for her baby brain. She only NQd one round of Regular and a round of Chances. She got her NAC and NJC. In one round of Jumpers, she was listed with a yps of 7.54, but I don't know, haha. She didn't run around any jumps yay!

Sirius did well, haha. Just watch the video, lol. I feel like I neglect writing about her, but my mom runs her so...

We have AKC this weekend. I hope we do well after doing so good last week, lol. Tru is entered one day, so we'll see how that goes. She dislikes slats, especially on the AF. She does it really weird.

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