Sunday, December 27, 2009

AKC 12/26-27/09

Last trial of the year!

Blue double Qd on Saturday. The courses were actually pretty flowing. She also ended up with a 3rd in JWW and a 2nd in Standard.

Truly had her AKC debut this weekend. It was also her first time jumping 16" at a trial. She did pretty well in JWW. Got two refusals and 5 time faults, but still Qd and got 3rd(out of three, lol). She kinda didn't get what that person was doing in the middle of the course. I forgot she hasn't done much with judges in the ring at trials. Maybe at her first trial (CPE). After she figured out that, yes, we were running agility, she was fine. Her Standard was really nice, except for the part where my keys fall out of my jacket pocket, lol.

Sunday didn't go as well, lol. No Qs. The courses were a bit more difficult, and I am just not up to those. Except for a couple of parts(where I was being fail), she did really nicely.

Although we did better than the last AKC, I still think well take an AKC break. I ams not sure on Sheltie Nats next year, but someone I know was telling my the courses aren't crazy hard at a breed specialty. Anyone have experience with Sheltie Nats? Next trial will be one day of USDAA with only Blue. We haven't done USDAA in at least a year and this will be her first time in PIII.


  1. I thought you all did well. Here is a link to my blog when I went to ASSA nationals this year.
    If that didnt work look for april 21st post 2009. I ran open jww but only novice standard, so Im not sure if it will help you decided about the runs. I posted the open JWW course map too. Diana

  2. Thanks. Truly would be in Novice, so it does help, haha. Since I don't enjoy AKC that much, do you think it would be worth it for me just to go and watch and run with a bunch of Shelties? That's what I think would be fun, but my mom would have to go with me and she doesn't really want to drive 6+ hours for that. I still have a while to go till I need to decide.

  3. It is very fun to be at a trial with all shelties and all the different sizes. And the classes go quick because they only run to 16 inches and no 4inches. So its not an all day thing. It was fun to see some top agility peoeple run. And all the vendors selling just sheltie stuff, Lol It was lots of fun and no pressure to do well. And if you do well, great prices. Huge ribbions and silver plates. Cool if you get one. You should go. Diana

  4. I guess it would be a pretty short day, without all the jump height changes. It sounds like a lot of fun. I am still considering it. I'd love to go see all the Shelties and Sheltie stuff, haha. Yeah, I have heard about the cool prizes too. You know, I think the judge at the USDAA trial I'm doing has gone to Sheltie Nationals. Maybe I'll ask her about it, too.

  5. I really enjoyed watching your runs! Blue reads you so well and her distance work is incredible! I don't know how you do it! Congratulations on Truly's AKC debut too! I wouldn't have been able to do any agility there with the cars whizzing by in the background! :)

  6. Thanks! In regards to distance, a LOT of practice, haha.