Saturday, January 2, 2010

End/Beginning of the year post full of accomplishments/goals

Wow, 2009 is already over and 2010 is beginning.

I started this blog one year ago, but I just seem to be figuring out the benefits of being part of the agility/dog blogging community. I am just such a shy person, I don't go out of my way to post on people's blogs. I feel kinda bad about that, haha. Maybe I should work on that this year. I do feel like I am coming out of my shell a little.

Quite a bit happened in agility for us this year. Truly started trialing in April, and seems to be doing well. After nine(wow) trials, she has gotten her NAC, NJC, TG-N, O-TN-N and O-HP-N. She has only recently competed her first trial where she was entered in everything, and seems to be getting more consistent with speed.

Blue and I got our groove back in February, 8 months after her 4 month injury break in 2008. She has started to get bonus Qs and her distance skills seem to be improving, still. I guess my handling and timing must be getting better, too, haha. I also decided to actually start trying to get 100+ dri Regulars with her, and try to finish up her Platinum Speed Star. Speaking of which, she got two 100+ Regs at her last trial, woot! Only three more to go. (She also got one in Jumpers, giving her 2 PSS in Jumpers, lol.) Did a lot, A LOT, more AKC than in past years, and realized that I really love NADAC more, lol.

I also graduated from high school, and started college, whoo. I got all As in my fist semester of college. Yes! This was also a transition from homeschooling to actually going to classes full time.

Now for goals and resolutions for 2010.

I have an art related resolution- drawing more backgrounds and landscapes. I really feel like I need to work on this.

Oh, and continue to do well in school.

Agility goals for Blue:
  • Get those last three 100+ dri Regulars for her Platinum Speed Star.
  • After that, get working on bonus lines in all classes(been holding off on Regular for the PSS runs, speed is a little time sensitive, haha.)
  • Qualify for SuperStakes, still need the five 20 point bonuses.
  • Run in SuperStakes and not look too foolish, lol. I don't expect to get a bunch of clean runs, but, I just don't want to look like I am frustrating Blue by doing this. Blue seems to be understanding more what I want, and what I am telling her, and that keeps her from getting frustrated. We are bound to get beat out by BCs(if there aren't enough people to have separate jump height classes, lol).
  • While working on bonus Qs, keep working towards the Silver Achievement Cup, which is basically a NATCH of bonus Qs.

And for Truly:
  • I don't know, get her Novice Superiors?
  • Work on getting really solid in everything and build our teamwork and relationship.
  • Maybe(big maybe) start a little Novice bonus line work. Her distance is pretty good for a novice, but not that good, yet.
Oh, and for both dogs, maybe go to Sheltie Nationals.

We have been in the desert for the last couple of days, so, there will soon be a post with photos and video. Oh, and Blue's "official" birthday was on the 1st, and she is eight now. Can't believe it. Happy Birthday Blue! Here's to a great 2010!

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