Friday, February 19, 2010

Ramona Rampage part 1 Feb. 13-14, 2010

Not the best weekend for Blue and a good one for Truly. Truly ended up with 4.5 Qs. That .5 is a 5 point Skilled Regular Q, haha. Blue only ended up with three Qs.

Blue and I tried a bunch of bonuses, but didn't really feel connected and we didn't often get very far. I have been feeling really good about my timing at class and really been rearing to go at a trial. This kinda discourages me. I think she really couldn't hear as we were in a covered arena, but then again, she may not be able to hear me well in Gillette durning SuperStakes. I was considering not doing them with her next weekend, but think I may, just to practice in an arena. She seemed so spacey and just kinda did what she could see and didn't seem to be paying that much attention to what she could see me do, but it was probably all my fault anyways. After looking at the videos some more, I think it was probably my body language and timing were a bit off. I think there was a little of her not listening too. The good thing is, she did not get super barky and frustrated looking. A little confused, but not frustrated. She did do segments of the courses I tried perfect though. I was happy with those little bits, but it still felt off. I don't know what it is. I am hoping for some better attempts next weekend, if there are any to try.

For the rest of her runs though, she was still amped, especially on Saturday. I don't know why. She would bark loudly when I had her lay down while in line, and was pulling really hard into the ring. She ran clean on two rounds of Regular, but I don't think they were fast enough for Platinum runs. She also Qd a Chances round. Oh my gosh, Blue totally jumped her dog walk contact on Saturday and I was like, "Oh, you are so getting back on that DW and waiting." I really need to start cracking back down on her contacts. We haven't had any in practice for a long time though.

Oh my gosh, Truly was bonkers on the first run. She just kept running around, but this was the only run she got the DW in the discrimination all weekend. She just did not want to go up the dog walk the first or second time. We are not practicing contacts in class right now, so we haven't been able to practice it. Ah well. Truly really, REALLY liked the arena. Dirt and covered! No holes or uneven ground or sun. Her contacts were pretty good. She didn't run off any. She had one bout of "I don't know how to weave!", but was fine the rest of the weekend. She seems to be having a good time now, as opposed to over the summer when she did not want to come out to play, haha. Oh, I really have to figure out my timing for her, lol. She actually comes when I say "here." She just has a lot smaller stride than Blue so she can and will turn off stuff if I am too early.

We have to head up again this weekend for another one of these. Oh, so horrible...just kidding. There was a crazy dance party Saturday night and I have a bit on film, but I'm not just gonna put that out there, lol.


  1. Nice runs. I have a question. In Blue's jumpers run, are you not allowed to pass a line on the ground? You hardly moved at all so I was just wondering. I dont run the venue. That looked really hard and I couldnt do that at all. Diana

  2. Yes. There is an optional challenge that you can do called a bonus line. Your Q can be worth 20 or 15 points if you are successful. There is also a class at NADAC Champs called SuperStakes that is basically a whole class based on this type of distance and you need some bonus Qs to qualify for it. Thanks for the comment.