Friday, February 26, 2010

Ramona Rampage part 2 Feb. 20-21, 2010

This weekend went a lot better all around. Blue was listening on the lines a lot better(or my handling was better, lol), she ended up with a lot more Qs and Truly got a lot more Qs as well.

Truly was a good girl and not as hyper as last week, haha. She Qd 7/10 runs and got her NCC! They offered High in Trial in each of the levels and Tru had the same amount of Qs as the dog that got HIT Novice. I think because she had an E she missed out on that. I was actually not just experimenting this week, and actually ran her. She had a smoking Tunnelers run with a yps of 6.34

Blue did a lot better too, Qd 6/10 runs. To think she only got one less Q than Tru even after trying 4 bonuses. We didn't make any, but most only had one off course or in the case of Chances, a redirect. She still Qd that run, but did not get he 15 point bonus. I saw a couple of instances of where I was late or gave the wrong signal on the bonus tries. There was one instance where I guess I was mostly on time, Blue looked at me, slowed a bit, then continued on to the wrong jump, haha. She also jumped another DW contact. Grrr.

I didn't write anything about Sirius last entry. The week before my mom took her back to the start line on just about every run to restart her. Sirius was trotting or ignoring my mom, so she would take her back, jazz her up, and then Siri would do great. She still ended up with 2 Regular Qs and completed her O-OAC.

This last weekend, she did a lot better right off and didn't need to be taken back as much. She got 3 Qs, a Jumpers, a Chances and a Tunnelers. She got her O-OCC and her TN-O! The yps on her Tunnelers was 6.13! Go Sirius!

I need to clean up and upload some pics that I took the past couple of weekends while at the trial site. We don't have a trial for sure planned until May. I have a couple I hope to get to because we need all the chances to do bonus lines we can get, haha. One is at the end of March in Elk Grove that heads into spring break week. There is another in Lake View Terrace in April that I would like to do as well. I am going to make sure I get in a lot of extra bits of practice.

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