Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cat Update (Mostly)

I haven't posted in a while, much less about the cats. I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that Thyme went missing the weekend of the last trial. I have know idea what happened to her. The both of them were disappearing during the day a couple of days before.
They were allowed out in the back yard at night, but they had been doing that for about a month or so. Thursday before we left for the trial, the cats were gone all day but came back before agility class in the evening. That was the last time I saw Thyme. :(

The good news is that Echo has really come around. She is very vocal and loves to be petty and can be very insistent about it. She is such a cutie.

She likes to sit up on her back legs and have me scratch her head. Dork.

Anybody have tips for photographing black animals?

We did end up entering the trial in Elk Grove this weekend. Wish us luck. Tru could potentially get her S-TN-N, S-NJC, O-NAC, O-NCC, and TG-N! If she gets that TnG Q, she will get her Novice Versatility! Hopefully I can pull through for Blue and nail some bonus lines and maybe some Platinum Regular runs. I watched the videos from the last couple of trials again and it's all my poor timing on the lines. Did I mention that we only got one Platinum Reg in Jan? That leaves us with a need for a final two crazy fast Regular runs. And five 20 point bonus Qs for SS qualification. Pressure!

Next week is spring break as well, yippee! I need to do a post with the two projects I have finished so far in sculpture class.