Monday, July 26, 2010

Comic-Con 2010!

So I had quite an experience at my first SDCC. Here's a gallery of some photos I took.

So I guess I'll talk a little about what I did each day.


I went with my brother and a couple of friends on this day. First thing, I got a "Chuck" version of the WB bag! We mostly walked the exhibit hall all day just checking out all the different vendors. Saw plenty of costumed attendees. I did attend a panel about concept design for entertainment that featured several designers that worked on Avatar, Star Trek(2009) and Alice in Wonderland. The panel was informative, even though it started a late and they were rushing towards the end. There was no time for Q&A.


I went with the same two friends as Friday, minus my brother, but split off to Ballroom 20 for the "Chuck" panel. It was a loooooong wait until we got into the room. I arrived around 8:10 am, and got in the room at around 9:50. Then, the "Chuck" panel was supposed to start at 10 but that started late so we didn't get to have any fan questions at this panel. There were some fun videos at the beginning including a Season 3 summary, with Momma Bartowski actor reveal (Linda Hamilton aka Sarah Connor!) at the end and a Jeffster dance video.

Some videos of the panel and Jeffster dance vid found on YouTube.

After the panel, I headed down to the WB booth to try and get in line for autographs. The panel got out at 10:45, and the signing started at 12. I attempted to navigate the crowd, and ended up in the wrong line. Apparently they started the line for the "Chuck" signing while the panel was going! So, needless to say, I did not get my poster (what I posted for last week's Wordless Wednesday) signed by the whole (or most) of the cast. I later found out that Adam Baldwin was signing somewhere else and went to get his autograph, so I at least got one (it cost me $40)!

I also got Peter Mayhew's (Chewbacca) autograph, a free sketch from some dude and many business cards and brochures related to art schools and concept art, haha.

All in all, I would really like to go back next year, maybe for 4 days and maybe in costume, haha. There better be a "Chuck" Season 5 so I can learn from my mistake this year and get everyone's autograph.


  1. very cool. My son and I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Where was the comic-con held? Diana

  2. Thanks! This was San Diego Comic-Con held in San Diego, CA, although I think there are plenty of other conventions that use the "Comic-Con" name in other locations.