Sunday, August 8, 2010

AKC Trial Aug. 7-8, 2010

Guess what? We actually had a pretty good weekend. I figured that we would do better.

Blue Qd both her runs, so that means only one more to go for MXJ. She got 3rd on Saturday and 1st on Sunday. Saturday's course was actually pretty technical for her, but she was a good girl and I was a competent handler and she got it. Sunday's course was much more "Blue friendly." If she had Qd both runs last weekend, I so would have run this with an imaginary bonus line. I guess the judge commented with something like "She can run, what's she doing distance for?" and someone replied that I did NADAC and I guess she said about bonus lines, haha.

Truly was okay. She got a JWW Q, with one refusal. It's like she isn't committing as quickly and I can pull her off jumps quite easily. Standard was blah. I pulled too hard as she came out of the chute, but then started driving too much. Then she didn't realize that she needed to jump the panel jump, haha, and didn't want to sit on the table. She did some nice layering from the DW all the way through to the weaves, which she popped out of the end. We are still figuring each other out, even after a year of trialing.

Now for my rant on Tru's contacts. I think I am just going to start really (re)working them. I hate how she comes to the side on slatted contact equipment. I don't know if it hurts her in some way, or if she's just a little sissy, but slats really bother her, especially on the AF. I thought she might be okay on the rubber granules, but I guess the slats still bother her. I'm thinking I'm still gonna go with her 2o2o. I keep thinking about if only one could have both running and stopped, but it seems so hard to let them know which they will be doing at any given time.

Yay for NADAC trial in a couple weeks. I think Tru's contacts will go back to being good. I'll be interested to see what happens though. She doesn't get to practice on equipment she likes, so it's hard to prep for that.

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