Friday, August 27, 2010

What's been up lately and a CPE trial!

It's been a while since I posted something that's not a Wordless Wednesday post. Well, what have we been up to?

A bit of practicing. Blue had diarrhea that morning, so I took only Tru to the park. I picked the wrong day to take a tunnel as it was pretty windy. We've got to practice gates and tunnels for the Extreme Games Challenge that they are holding in Gillette at the same time as we'll be up there for Champs.

Then, my mom asked if I wanted to enter a CPE trial a week or so ago and I said yes. Blue and Truly actually did pretty good and both ended up with 7 Qs out of 9 runs.

Sirius ran one day and actually, had some pretty good runs and earned one Q. She only ran three and they are all in the below video.

Truly earned her CL2-F and her CL2-S! She also fell off the A-Frame in one round of Standard. It's not like I wasn't expecting something to happen sooner or later, but, it kinda shook me. I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not, but Truly does not like slatted contacts. Unfortunately, that's all she's seen the past couple of months as the field we practice at only has slatted equipment and she's been doing slats at trials. This incident made me get out my slatless AF at home and we're going back to the working the 2o2o position. I was planning on reworking her contacts anyway, so that she doesn't look back or hesitate, but this just made me realize I need to do it at home on the slatless stuff (first). She probably won't be doing any slatted contacts at practice or at a trial for a while.

If Blue's expression on her first couple of runs could be pictured as an emoticon, it would look like :D. She was just flying on her Jumpers run and craaazyyy on her Standards. I should mention why we ended up with two of the same Standard runs. So, Blue and I were running, and as we are heading around and Blue's going through the weave poles, the competitor before us is having a loud conversation with the judge about her score! So I slowed down and caused the off-course, because usually when there's a loud carried on conversation, something went wrong and you need to stop. The judge was nice enough to let us run again, though it didn't make any difference, haha. I just thought that was pretty rude. The person could have waited until the person running was done.

So, the next day, Blue got to run twice in a row. We literally went from the Standard ring, right over to FullHouse and then ran that. Blue was rewarded for agility with more agility, haha.

Oh, maybe I should mention what titles she got. She FINALLY finished her Snooker requirements for her CL3-S. We've been working on that title for about 4 years. She also got her CL5-R. I was hoping she'd do that Saturday so I could move her to Lev. C on Sunday and we could get some pretty rainbow flat ribbons, haha.

Well, we've got a NADAC trial tomorrow, which is our last trial before Champs. I hope the rubber contacts make Tru really, really happy and she magically remembers how to do them fast. Wait, this isn't our last trial. We signed up for the Championship "Pre-Trial" because we were planning on getting there early and figured why not.

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