Tuesday, September 14, 2010

PAC NADAC Aug. 28-29, 2010

So this post is quite late, but better late than never right???

So, Palomar Agility Club hosted it's fourth trial ever at a brand new location. The only drawback to this location was that it was right next to an airport and planes flew right over the agility ring. Not many dogs seemed bothered by it, and only one dog chased a plane all weekend (you'll find out who, haha). I also wore my new "Chuck" shirt one day and sold some sketches.

I'll actually start with Truly's results for once.

Truly came out of this trial with 8 Qs out of 10 runs and 3 new titles! She finished her S-NAC, O-WV-N, and OCC!

I moved her up to Open Regular on Sunday and she did great on twelve and on the longer courses. As for her finishing her OCC, I was looking though her Chances Qs from this year and she hasn't NQd in Chances since February. Geez, trying to outdo Blue much?

I also tried an Open bonus line with her. The start for that course while trying to do the line was crazy awkward. I had to try it. I wasn't even planning on trying the whole line with Tru (where I run in was were I was planning on going in anyways), but any little bit of practice helps. Also, even though it was not good for the bonus line, Tru stopped to look for me on the AF. Her face was the most adorable thing ever. She had gone up over, disappeared from my sight, then stopped and came over the edge just enough to get a peek at me. Her face just said "What? You're not coming with me??" I told her to go all the way to the bottom and she did. She did pretty well for not doing that all the time, I think.

Oh, and her contacts definitely don't seem as confident as earlier in the year, but they were not as weird as the ones at the AKC and CPE trials.

Videooos. Jeffster music FTW!

Bluedeedoo got 6 Qs out of 10 runs and managed to snag a 15 point bonus in Jumpers! She was really close to a 20 in Weavers, but we had a call off and ended up out of flow.

Saturday she was really quite strange while working the line, at least on our first two attempts. She was almost the way she was at the last NADAC trial, very unsure and careful. The weird thing is she seemed fine working "fake" line distance at the CPE trial the weekend before. She seemed better on the Weavers try. She was better on Sunday, and by the end of the day had her single bonus of the weekend. This unsure and creepy phase is not something we need before running SilverStakes at Champs. My only goal for that class was for us to not look like idiots or like I was frustrating her and now she'll act like she has no idea what I'm asking and look freaked out.

Okay, so I said you'd find out which dog chased a plane. Well, it was Blue. She though, "It's the last run of the weekend and it's HOOPERS for goodness sake!" I didn't really care, as I personally think she's looks cute and retarded and I kinda wanted it on video. Is that bad? She got slightly distracted one one round of Regular. I think you can tell where.

Next up, CHAMPS. Well, Pre-Trial and then Champs. And the EGC. And the PIDC. I'll actually have internet access this time, so I might actually post while I'm away.

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