Friday, October 15, 2010

ACSD NADAC 10/9-10/2010

I'll get to a Champs/PIDC post eventually. It's just that I need to finish videos and editing photos and haven't had (or taken) the time to finish stuff. In the mean time, have a trial post.

Blue definitely seemed tired of agility at this trial, especially on Saturday. She seemed a bit better on Sunday when we had everyone that usually attends trials (me, mom, Tru and Siri) there. Blue really seems to be sensitive to whether her family is at events, because this isn't the first time she's acted funny when one or more of the usual members are missing. This is really good to take note of because I am considering going to Champs next year without my family. I would definitely not enter her in a Stakes class if that's the case. Everything next year is up in the air (even the exact location of the event!), though I would really like to attend.

Oh, results, she Qd 7/12 runs and is now 3 Regular Qs and 3 Chances Qs away from her NATCH-6. Not much else to say. She sure was loopy when I tried lines and these were pretty decent line courses that she probably could have nailed if she wasn't so burned out.

Truly was a good girl like usual. I feel like that's always my comment regarding my dogs. She Qd 6/7 runs and got her OJC and O-TN-O! She's now 5 Qs away from her S-OCC and 4 away from her S-TN-O, which means she'll move up to Elite in those classes soon. The Chances Qing streak continues and if she keeps it up, she should be in Elite in three trials. O_o I decided that Chances must be my best class as both my dogs suddenly got super consistent at it. It must be because Chances is practically running with the dog compared to lines. She's also one Q away from her S-WV-N, which means only TnG to go for her Nov. All Around and Nov. Superior Versatility.

Oh, and I only entered her in classes that don't always have contacts. I was reading that I should probably get her away from the contacts until I can figure out exactly what I want from it. I probably will do the same for the next trial because I don't think her contacts will be ready by then. I need to get all her obstacles figured out if I even want to consider qualifying for and doing a Stakes class with her. I really need to work with her a lot more if I want to do that. I wrote down a list of stuff to work on. Maybe I should post it.

Soo, I haven't posted about Sirius in awhile. I can't really post that in depth on her because I'm not the one normally working with her and don't have that bond. All I can say is her attitude is still improving. I don't think it's ever not improving, haha. She was just awesome at the one day of this last trial. My mom has school on Saturdays right now, so Sirius wont be in a full trial until December.

Well, all her Qs are in the video. The single biggest brag for Sirius is that she finished her S-OCC and will be entering her first Elite class at the next trial!

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