Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally Home!

We're finally home after our several week long trip to two different Championships, NADAC and Purina. I will get some posts up eventually, but I still need to download, sort, and edit photos and videos.

I guess I'll get the results out of the way. At NADAC Champs, Blue took the "Highest Number of Bonus Points" in her division (12" Vet) in SilverStakes. She placed seventh overall (mostly because I didn't fix mistakes, but more on that later), but had the most bonus points out of all the dogs! She also received the sponsored awards for Highest Scoring Sheltie, Sheltie in Veterans and Rescue Dog.

At Purina, I'm fairly certain she took fourth. Details to come, although there isn't much to tell about that.

Oh, and trial this weekend!!!


  1. You did a beautiful job at the NADAC champs Rebecca! Those of us watching it live online were breathless at several of your gorgeous runs! Nice job and Congratulations!