Sunday, October 31, 2010

EGC practice...with no video :(

So I thought I'd post a little about the "What is the EGC" practice I went too. Unfortunately, the format that we were running did not allow me to get video. My mom didn't want to go, so I drove myself, a whole hour or so away!

Blue was pretty crazy at first and I had to get her settled. I'm glad she's up and herself again after having a break. She was just so burned out at the last trial. I'm looking forward to running again in a couple weeks. We've got an AKC and a NADAC coming up. Blue was actually coming in on the gates today, instead of just doing big loops around them. We did a couple of the courses we ran in Gillette and she did somewhat better on the technical stuff this time.

We also ran some Extreme Hoopers, that included the gate circle of doom. While the first course wasn't that bad (a go on through the middle), the second one was tricky. The dogs had to go pass an opening in the the side to another hoop on the outside. Blue got pretty close on her first try, but Tru had issues. Tru had more issues because I ran her first and was figuring out how to handle it. What worked for my dogs was actually looking where I needed them to go, which usually works when I do it. I just forget to watch where they need to go, and watch them instead. It's quite surprising how much it helps.

Well, the eye thing was mostly what I remember being a key point today, and since I don't have video, I can't remember everything. Oh, wait, Tru ran off after messing up on one of the runs to chase a very fast BC. She'd never do anything aggressive, but she sure ignored my calls. I just have to worry about the other dog nailing her, but luckily the BC was so focused on it's owner it didn't notice Tru. She's usually so good about paying attention only to me, but this BC was very interesting to her, as she watched it the whole time we were there.


  1. Hey, glad to find another person with a NADAC interest. We do mostly AKC, but NADAC when we get a change-it's so fun!

  2. There seems to be so little NADAC buzz in the dog blog community or it's harder to find. NADAC is my favorite venue, mostly because I got addicted to the quest for the elusive bonus line Qs!