Friday, October 29, 2010

Truly's Contacts!

Repost from YouTube

"We just set up our AF again after a month. First we were gone, then it rained off and on the last week or so. I was working with Tru on her bottom behavior before and was only working on one ramp with two targets. One at the bottom (to get her driving down the middle and then stopping) and one on the other side of a hoop (to encourage her to focus and drive ahead). I took it out yesterday and did a little with no, one and two targets. Today she was doing very well driving to the bottom and stopping with only one target after a hoop. She is driving towards the edges though, depending on where the target is or where I am. She also seems to get "stuck" going to the wrong spot with me on certain sides while going certain ways. She's weird. At least it isn't the same "edge" behavior she was having on the slatted equipment at trials and practice.

If anyone has any critiques of her style, let me know. I've noticed that our AF is very "bouncy", which could be why her butt is bouncing up and down, lol. We are working on quick releasing to build drive for the position. I will increase duration (mostly only to practice control, I guess. quick release = faster times right?) after I get the enthusiasm/confidence. Faster release = more fun than standing there waiting."

On another note, her being able to wait longer is for when I need it, haha. She's pretty much had sorta quick release contacts. I mean, I don't hold her forever at trials, but I usually give her a longish "yes" or "good girl" at trials. I don't know if I really plan on "early releasing" her much because I don't want her to end up like Blue, lol. Not that Blue misses a lot of contacts (ugh, like 7 in her life now, 3 or 4 of those this year). Blue pretty much self releases now, even when I say "wait."

I stopped caring about a 2o2o with Blue after she got hurt. She will still do it in practice, but she just blows me off at trials usually. Well, except when she has already messed up and then decides to hold the contacts and get into position. She used to creep so bad, and I would wait for like, 3 seconds for her to get into position at trials. Blue never really had a solid 2o2o, because I didn't really understand why I needed it, I think.

I'm hoping to have her contacts "finished" before December. We'll be heading to our usual AZ NADAC trial and Christmas with relatives. She needs to get 12 Regular Qs to qualify for Champs, not to mention 2 TnG Qs, when she still needs a few more for her S-TG-N. Then there's my slight desire to do SilverStakes with Tru. She needs good, independent contacts for that and the bonuses she needs to qualify. We do have till July 31st, so I guess I shouldn't be worrying.

I should really finish the videos from our trip and do a post on the PIDC. Do that instead of reading school work? Hmm. Darn 6 hour painting class messes my reading schedule for my online classes.


  1. I dont know if the bouncing has anything to do with how she is going down the a-frame. It could. Can you try making is less bouncy? For my dogwalk , that is bouncy, I put a stick in the ground weave pole under each end. That seemed to help.
    Anyway, If it were me I would back chain her driving down the down side to get what you want. So when she is driving just a short distance and she is really moving, then move her up a bit on the down side. Only reward for what you really want. I may use a target just so I dont have to worry about her staying in the 2o/2o position. Take that out of the picture so she really knows what she is being rewarded for. Have fun training. Diana

  2. Thanks! I did back chain the behavior for several weeks. I think I might go back and do some more, but I mostly wanted to see how she was doing. I would prefer that she not drive to the sides, but I noticed when I first started training her AF, that she can't see me when I am behind the AF (not only directly behind, but to the sides). I don't think I'll ever get that perfect drive down the center all the time, just because of that. She likes to see where I need her to go next. Although, I would think with practice and a strong verbal, anything is possible.