Wednesday, November 24, 2010

UDAC NADAC 11/20-21/2010

Wooh, NADAC trial! In the rain. I think this is the first really rainy trial we've been to in a while (not counting February trials because we're running indoors). I don't know if the dogs really minded. I think Blue might have been a bit more hyper when she was running in the rain, but I could have just been imagining it.

Blue only Qd 5 out of 12 runs this weekend. She didn't Q any of her runs on Saturday. The NQs were mostly caused by failed bonus attempts and occasionally me being dumb. I don't know what was wrong with me when I was running Blue. Sorry girl.

Some random thoughts and notes on individual runs. In the second round of Regular, where she came in to the tunnel, I had said "out, tunnel, go tunnel." That double command always gets me, lol. She just takes the second command as an early signal for the next obstacle. Also, Blue was super close to a bonus on a TnG run that didn't get filmed. She just turned a bit wide and that negated the bonus. That's only her second TnG Q this year, haha.

Truly was really good. She entered non contact classes + Chances again. She Qd 4/6 runs and finished her O-OCC and S-WV-N! The two NQs were caused by me trying to mess with some distance handling stuff. I was really proud of her second Jumpers run. No, there wasn't a 'real' line there. I also tried to do Chances from about where the Elite line was and she nailed them.

Sirius only ran one day. She Qd 3/6 runs. I actually made a video right after this trial because I ran her in Chances because my mom had to do something in the morning at home. So I ran her in her first Elite run and she Qd!!! Yay Siri. She also finished her O-TN-O.

We've got a couple trials in December coming up to finish off the year. We're doing one day next weekend, and then heading to AZ the weekend of the 18th & 19th. I've entered Tru in the contact classes, and I'm hoping to get some more practice in. I choose to enter her because the contacts will be rubber, and not just (crummy) slatless. I also hope she can get 3 more Chances Qs and finish her S-OCC and move to her first Elite class next year! Blue could potentially finish her NATCH-6 at the AZ trial (or if she miraculously gets a bonus line next weekend).

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